Marshall County Tennessee Genealogy
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was born Jul 8, 1845 in Tn., and died Sep 16, 1934 in Brown Wiles Cemt Ms. Co. tn..

He married (1) EMALINE FRANCES DARK Abt. 1871, daughter of ISSAC DARK and LYDIA GREEN.  She was born May 9, 1853 in Tn., and died Jun 8, 1895 in Brown Wiles Cemt Ms. Co. tn..

He married (2) BELLE CLAY HILL.  She died 1932.

1900 Census records for Ms. Co. Dist # 10
John Wesley Brown --July 1845 ---54---b Tn. Wm Herbert 9/1873--26--L. Ada-11/1879----Thomas V. --10/1882---17---L. Anna 4/1885--15----Jesse E.1/1887----13----James R. 3/1889--8--In the same household was Martha A. negro 6/1889--10------Martha V. Wiles --negro 2/1889--11---Robert P. Beard --SC-
1/1854--46---Jack McLion (sponger) 8/1850---50----
Lucinda Elizabeth Brown Duggan was already married when this census was taken ---
The Jesse E. is Aunt Josie that married Tom Allen McDaniel

The Brown Wiles Cemt is off the Franklin Rd behind the old Betheleham church.Ada Brown--Johnie Brown --J. W. Brown---W. B. Wiles and M. J. Wiles---Annie Brown---
Ada hanged her self with a buggy line over her boy friend but I do not know who
Jess Brown son of Hurbert said one of John Wesley Brown's brothers started Brownville Tx.
When John W. died, his obit says  he was survived by Mrs Mattie Chunn of Nashvile---Mrs Tom McDaniel --Thomas V. Brown of Chapel Hill---Richard Brown of Clay Hill--Herbert
Brown of Moresville--His second marriage to Mrs. Belle Clay who died two years

Children of JOHN BROWN and EMALINE DARK are:
 i. WM. HERBERT5 BROWN, b. 1873; d. 1942; m. JESSE BRITTAIN FERGUSON, Dec 20, 1883; b. Oct 5, 1884; d. Jun 1, 1973.
 ii. MARTHA ELLEN BROWN, b. Jan 8, 1875; d. May 31, 1944, Bethleham Cemt.; m. (1) GEO DONNELL TATUM; b. Jan 6, 1855; d. May 17, 1904, Bethleham Cemt..; m. (2) UNKNOWN CHUNN.
 iii. LUCINDA ELIZABETH BROWN, b. Feb 7, 1878; d. Oct 29, 1920, Bethleham, Cemt  Ms Co.; m. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON DUGGAN, Dec 17, 1896; b. May 1, 1861, Severville, Tn.; d. Oct 31, 1930, Ms. Co. Tn Bethleham Cemt.
 iv. WILLIAM ADA BROWN, b. Nov 2, 1879; d. Nov 30, 1919, Brown Wiles Cemt Ms. Co. tn..
 v. THOMAS V. BROWN, b. 1881; d. 1957, Lone Oak Cemt; m. (1) MAUD HARRIS; b. 1887; d. 1943, Lone Oak Cemt.; m. (2) JAMIE LEE TRUELOVE CARPENTER.
 vi. JOHNIE BROWN, b. Apr 4, 1883; d. Jul 30, 1885, Brown Cemt.
 vii. ANNIE BROWN, b. Apr 12, 1885; d. Dec 13, 1900, Brown Cemt.
 viii. JAMIE BROWN, b. 1886.
 ix. JOSIE EMILY BROWN, b. Jan 19, 1887; d. May 11, 1968, Head Springs at Belfast; m. THOMAS ALLEN MCDANIEL; b. Jul 3, 1885; d. May 10, 1973, Head Springs Cemt. At Belfast Tn...
 x. JAMES RICHARD BROWN, b. Mar 10, 1892; d. Apr 1, 1947, Lone oak Cemt; m. JONNIE MYRTLE COLLINS; b. Jul 4, 1895.

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