Robert WILLIAMS Bible (1784-1965)


Submitted by Scott Fraser

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Robert WILLIAMS, son of William and Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Belfast, Marshall County, TN.


Published in 1850. Printed for Samuel Bagster Paternoster Row London. Republished by J.B. Lippincott & Co. Philadelphia. Bible originally owned by Robert WILLIAMS.


Robert WILLIAMS and Julia R. ENDSLEY, Sept 2, 1830

Philip K. EWELL to Amanda C. WILLIAMS, September 25, 1849

W.P. O誰EAL and Elizabeth H. WILLIAMS, November 20, 1859

Joseph L. ORR and Sallie WILLIAMS, Janaury 29, 1874

Clarence TATE and Julia H. ORR, September 5, 1895

Robert Knox ORR and Daisy Emily ORR, February 5, 1917




Robert WILIAMS 3rd May 1806

Julia F. WILLIAMS 19th April 1811

Amanda C. WILLIAMS 9th July 1831

Elizabeth H. WILLIAMS 2nd July 1837

Sarah L. WILLIAMS 16th August 1843

Charles Oscar EWELL May 23rd 1862

Mary Catherine EWELL 11th September 1865

P.K. EWELL September 6, 1823

Robert William EWELL February 21, 11853

Sarah Virginia EWELL February 21, 1853

John F. EWELL October 5th 1856

Rufus Franklin O誰EAL October 6, 1858

Julia Ella EWELL August 12, 1859

Jane C. THOMISON May 13, 1808

Sarah SMILEY October 4, 1786

Elizabeth LOWERY July 2, 1784

Julia Hazeltine ORR June 22, 1875

Daisy Emily ORR Janaury 26, 1878

Sadie Lee ORR, January 21, 1881

Robert Williams ORR April 30, 1884

Joseph Latimar ORR October 7, 1886

Sarah Margaret ORR, daughter was born May 29, 1918 of Orboert Know ORR and Daisy Emily ORR




Wiliam WILLIAMS September 26, 1840

Elizabeth WILLIAMS 4th April 1850

Benjamin WILIAMS May 9th 1857

John WILLIAMS 23 September 1850

Sarah WILLIAMS 3rd October 1856

Elizabeth Haseltine O誰EAL 6th October 1866

Robert WILLIAMS July 9th 1884

Sallie L. ORR August 9, 1911

Joseph L. ORR October 6, 1888 (born November 9, 1836

Jane Caroline THOMISON November 1834

Elizabeth LOWRY August 21, 1855

Martha J. BLANKENSHIP October 2, 1859

John L. SMILEY October 15, 1859

Robert W. EWELL August 24, 1872

Julia F. WILLIAMS October 20, 1884

Amanda C. EWELL July 8th, 1914

Joseph Latimer ORR February 14, 1937

Robert Williams ORR May 7, 1935

Robert Knox ORR May 3, 1937

Frank O誰EAL Jr. August 3rd, son of Rufus and Olive Fuller O誰EAL, died in Chicago

Charles Fuller O誰EAL October 26, 1965, died in Chicago


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