Log of Additions To This       Web Site (newest on top)
02/09/2015 Deed Books A and B are not divided on the microfilm. I have finished scanning that section, and the total number of pages in both Books A and B was 418. Those are now all viewable on their Viewer Page. In addition the first 100 pages of Deed Book C are now scanned and are viewable on the Deed Book C Viewer page. Some wills have been found in these early deed books, and those will be transcribed soon and placed with the Will Books transcriptions.

02/03/2015 A new viewer for the Deed Book A images was placed on the site, accessible from the main page menu bar at "Deeds-> Deed Book A Images". The first 401 pages of Deed Book A starting in 1819 are now viewable. More and more will be added in sequence. Later the names and summary data will be recorded into an index. These are the oldest county records. If you think your ancestor was in the county from 1819 to 1829, this might show that.
01/29/2015: I just found out that the Gaines Chapel Cemetery page that was a viewer for the cemetery photos with bios was malfunctioning in all browsers except Firefox due to a serious error in my coding of links on the page. I have now fixed that, and it works now.

I have finished scanning the whole roll of the Hustler newspaper for years 1909-1912, and I am processing those images and am in the process of putting them in the new newspaper viewer.

Also coming soon, I have scanned the first 400 pages of Deed Book A, starting in 1819, and these scans bring it up to Jan. 1829. These are the earliest records for the county and the only thing in existence for those dates outside of census. I'll have an image viewer constructed and put on the web site as soon as possible, but there is a lot going on with the will transcriptions by Pam Collier, and also the newspaper images (over a thousand pages) are waiting to be put on the site.