Will of L. P. Daniel
[Will Book 1, page 325 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

May 1 – 1926.

The last will of L. P. Daniel.

It is my wish that at my death that my debts be paid, then whatever property there is left both real and personal go to and belong to my wife Margret A Daniel in fee simple as it is mine now, during her lifetime and at her death, her debts is there be any be paid, then that P. L. Daniel and J. A. Daniel be reimbursed with what money they have advanced to us for improving and repairing the home and for our use in any other way, then the remainder, if there be any be divided equally between P. L., J. B., J. A., and W. L. Daniel and Nina I. Smith formerly Nina I. Daniel. It is expressly understood that there is not to be any charge against Nina Smith for the lot deeded to her. I hereby name and appoint P. L. and J. A. Daniel Executors of this will and give them the right to sell and convey in fee simple any property that may come into their hands through this will.

It is my wish that this business all be settled out of Court and that no bond be required of P.L. and J.A. Daniel as Executors.

L. P. Daniel.

J. R. McDonaugh.
P. M. Price.