Will of W. L. Brewer
[Will Book 1, page 305 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Notice Whitwell Tenn. October 1st 1911.

This is my first and last will at my death if Tom or Loocey [sic Lucy] Holtkamp is living and Martha Brewer my wife I want Tom and Loocey [sic Lucy] to eat her [sic either] live with her or see that she is tuck [sic=- took] ceare [sic- care] of as long as she lives at her death if they [sic- there] is any thing bealongs [sic- belongs] to her or me in money or propity [sic- property] I want it to go to them after awl [sic- all] depts [sic- debts] is paid be a shure [sic- assured] to pay awl [sic- all] debts firs [sic- first].

W. L.Brewer

My shot gun I want it to go to Frank W. Brewer as a present.

W. L. Brewer.