Will of William H. H. Powell
[Will Book 1, pages 294-295 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

I, William H. H. Powell, of near Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee, do make and publish this as my last will and testament, not having previous to this date made or executed any Will whatever, but reserving the right to revoke this, as I desire, by the calling in of any two persons who are related to me in no way, or to any of the beneficiaries herein, I being too old and feeble to revoke in other way.

First,- I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon as possible after my death. At this date I owe no debts of consequence, if any at all, except a balance on one ford car to Havron & Morris Morrison of Whitwell, Tennessee. If I live very lone, this indebtedness will be liquidated in full by me, I only waiting to settle said indebtedness because a discount is said to be due me, but not at this time ascertainable, the factory having to be consulted at Detroit, Mich. That has not been done.

I desire to show that I have to my credit in cash $300.00 in the bank of Whitwell, Whitwell, Tenn. on this amount I may check before my death, and will, if I desire to do so, and to that deposit I may add, and will do so, if I desire. But as to the $400.00 if I let it remain, or any other $400.00 in cash I may have at my death I direct

First,- That my funeral expences be paid, as above directed, and the expenses of a fence around my grave: also a tomb-stone.

Secondly,- The Ford car above named, or the balance, if any remaining is to be paid for in full.

Thirdly,- Said Ford car in question, if paid for at my death, or whatever amount I have invested in same, I give to my beloved daughter-in-law, Mrs Ada Powell, wife of my son, H. M, Powell, my reason for doing so being that I have lived with them for many years, and that she, the said Ada Powell, has been kind and good to me, and has gone to great personal trouble to attend to me, owing to my feebleness, ill health and old age. Whatever I give to her is done solely because of and in consideration of her favors and hard labor.

Fourt ly [sic], My son, Foster V. Powell is indebted to me by cash on open account in the sum of $250.00, and he has paid some down to $200.00, owing me now $200.00 of this $200 due me from said son, I want disposed of as follows at my death, if not paid off before:
To my son, Francis M. Powell, I want paid in cash $50.00
To my son, John C. Powell, I want paid in cash $50.00
To my son, H. M. Powell, I want paid in cash $50.00
To my son, Foster V. Powell, I desire that he retain, if he has not paid, the remaining, $50.00

I have household goods, consisting of no very great value, consisting of beds, beds, bed-clothing, etc, and this I give to my daughter-in-law Ada Powell, because of the reasons above stated.

Lastly, Whatever I may become in possession of before my death, either of personalty or of realty, I wish to have divided equally among my four children above named.

As my executor to carry out the provision of this will, I do now nominate and appoint my son, H. M. Powell.

In witness whereof, I do this, my last will, set my hand, this the 14 day of March, 1924.

W. H. H. Powell. (his mark)

Signed and published in our presence, and we have subscribed our names in the presence of the testator. We are not related to testator.

This March 14th, 1924.

Jas. Anderson.
W. L. Richards.
Attest J. C. Van Hoosier.