Will of Mattie Acklin
[Will Book 1, page 287 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]


I, Mattie Acklin, of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, publish and declare the following as and for my last will and testament:

I direct first that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my death as can conveniently be done.

All the rest, residue and remainder of my real estate, real, and personal and mixed, wherever situated, I give and bequeath to my nephew, Ambrose Acklin, absolutely and forever, without terms or conditions.

I have given and bequeathed my estate to my said nephew, Ambrose Ackin, as a measure of recompense and appreciation of his care and attention of me during my last years, and if it should become essential to sustain the validity of this will on a contest instituted by any or all of my other nephews and nieces, then I direct they be paid the of $1.00 each out of my estate.

I hereby appoint and nominate my Nephew, Ambrose Acklin, as executor of this my last will and testament and excuse him from giving bond as such.

I hereby revoke any and all wills by me at any former time made.

Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for my last will and testament at South Pittsburg, Tennessee, on this the 14th day of June, 1923, in the presence of Alan S. Kelly and R. F. M. Kirkpatric [sic], whom I have requested to become subscribing witnesses hereto.

Mattie Acklin

The foregoing was signed, subscribed and declared by Mattie Acklin as and for her last will and testament in our presence, and we, at the same time, at her request, in her presence and in the presence of each other, do hereby subscribe our named [sic] hereto as subscribing witnesses.

Alan S. Kelly.
R. P. M. Kirkpatrick.