Will of T. S. Richards
[Will Book 1, pages 271-273 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

I, T. S. Richards, of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, do make, declare and publish the following as and for my last will and testament.

I desire that all my just debts, if any, be paid as soon after my death as conveniently be done.

I give and bequeath to my daughters Mrs. James S. Deakins, of Sequatchie, Tennessee, Mrs. J. B. Phillips of South Pittsburg, Tennessee and Mrs. W. C. Houston, of Nashville, Tennessee, each and undivided one-fourth interest in the T. S. Richard homeplace in South Pittsburg, Tennessee; the same consisting of three lots situated at the North West corner of sixth street and Holly Avenue. The remaining one-fourth undivided interest in the same, I give and bequeath to the airs [sic] of my deceased daughter Mrs. G. E. Deathridge. This bequest is made subject to the following stipulations and conditions:

My daughter, Mrs. Phillips has expressed a desire to purchase this property and I have agreed to sell the same to her for the sum of $3500.00 and I direct that the other joint owners, if Mrs Phillips should still desire to purchase the same, shall agree to and shall sell the said Real estate to Mrs. Phillips for the sum of $3500.00 and divide the money among the four of them according to their respective interest. If Mrs. Phillips should fail or refuse to exercise her option to Purchase then any of the other owners desiring to purchase the same, may do so upon the same terms, that is, for $3500.00. If none of them care to purchase, then the beneficiaries may make such sales of the same as they wish to except I do not desire them to sell it for less than $4000.00. If any of the beneficiaries should refuse to allow Mrs. Phillips to purchase for the sum mentioned, or any of the others under the circumstances mentioned then the bequest of any are [sic- or] all of those so refusing, is and will be revoked and they will take or receive no interest in the said property.

My son, R. H. Richards, having agreed to keep me, furnish me with a home and a comfortable living and such money as I may from time to time need and to defray my funeral expenses, I give and bequeath to him and the airs [sic] of his body in consideration thereof the farm on which I now live in the old 14th Civil District of Marion County, Tennessee; bounded on the North by Deathridge and Patton, on the south by state line; on the east by Hennessy and on the west by the Kings Cove Buff [sic], containing two hundred acres more or less. If my son H. R. Richards should die without children, then the said real estate shall revert to my estate and be distributed among my heirs, except that the same shall be charged with the sum of One Thousand dollars with I give and bequeath, in that event, to the wife, Julia, of my son H. R. Richards, if she then be living and the heirs of my estate may take the said real estate provided they first discharge and pay this bequest of one thousand dollars to Mrs. Julia Richards. If this is not done then the said real estate shall be sold, the bequest to Mrs. Julia Richards payed [sic] and the balance divided prorata among the heirs of my estate, In event of sale, the executor will place the $1000.00 to the credit of Mrs. Julia Richards in some solvent bank and subject to her check and control.

I appoint J. B. Phillips, of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, executor of this will and having confidence in his integrity I excuse him from giving bond as such.

Signed as and for my last will and testament this 14th day of April, 1920 in the presence of Alan S. Kelly, and A. R. Williamson, whom I have requested to become attesting witnesses hereto.

T. S. Richards

At the request of the testator, in his presence and in the presence of each other, we subscribe ourselves as attesting witnesses to the foregoing instrument, which the testator signed and declared in our presence to be his last will and testament.

Alan S. Kelly
A. R. Williamson