Will of T. A. Williams
[Will Book 1, page 270 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

Whitwell Tennessee Feby 26, 1921

This is my last will and testament, to daughter Grace, to my daughter Mary and to my son Edwin Ross I give and bequeath five ($5.00) dollars each from my personal property, but nothing from the realty at all, now or at any time in the future.

The balance of my personal property must be equally divided between my wife, my son Hubert, my daughter Edith, my daughter Kate, my son Charles and my dorothy [sic] Jean, however, in case of death of one are [sic- or] more of these six (6) then their portion of the personal property must go to the remaining that survive of this latter six named and in equal sums or portions except that, one hundred and fifty ($150.00) dollars must be set aside for the use of Mildred Merritt, grand-daughter, to be given to her at age 17, or when she finishes high school to assist her in Murfreesboro Normal School.

My wife is to handle the Realty in accord with the laws of Home stead & Dower during her life time; at her death, the realty goes to those of the latter named (5) five children herein named and to them in equal amounts or values. Mildred Merritt the grand daughter is not to participate in division in Realty she gets only $150.00 in cash.

Witness my hand, signed in presence of two witnesses both present at on March 4th, 1921

T. A. Williams

Witness: I certify that T. A. Williams and J. N. Dykes signed this instrument in my presence and we all three (3) understand it is T. A. Williams last will or testament all signed it on Mch 4th 1921 at Whitwell Tenn.

Wit: J. R. Morgan

I certify that T. A. Williams and J. R. Morgan signed this document in my presence and we all (3) three understand it to be T. A. Williams last will or testament.

Signed at Whitwell Tenn on Mch. 4th 1921

Wit: J. N. Dykes