Will of Mary Elizabeth Smith
[Will Book 1, pages 252-253 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

I, Mary Elizabeth Smith being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and publish this as my last will and testament.


I direct that my funeral expenses be paid out of my funds that may be in my possession at my death or that may first come into the hands of my executor.


It is my desire and will that the children of my deceased brother, John Smith, shall have and receive the sum of $75.00 each as a present from me. They being Mrs Birdie Vann; John Y. Smith; Waightstill A. Smith; Mrs. Addie Hicks; and Mrs. Connie Hamblen. Also it is my desire and likeness, I will and bequeath unto Mrs. Mary Smith, the mother of the above named children of my brother John Smith, deceased, a like sum of $75.00.


I also will and bequeath that my nephews Thos A. Carry & John L. Winton shall have of my property & estate the sum of $75.00 each. Also the daughters of my nephew Thos A. Carry- Elizabeth Carry & Margaret Carry shall be paid a like sum of $75.00 each.


I also will and bequeath to my niece, Allice M. Smith the sun of $75.00. Also the three children of my niece Betty Bell, Now dead, Dewey Bell, Louise [sp?] Bell & Bessie Bell, shall receive under my will $75.00 each. Also my niece Stella Magill shall have out of my property a sum of $75.00.

Also the children of my nephew Arthur Smith shall be paid the sum of $5.00. also I direct that my nephew, Lenor Smith shall receive out of my estate the sum of $5.00.

Fifth- Also I will and bequeath to my sister, Mrs. Laura Robinson, the sum of $75.00- also I give to my niece Mary Lou Robinson $75.00 likewise. to my nephew Carry Robinson I leave $75.00.

Sixth- also it is my desire and will that the remainder of my estate be divided among my living sisters Mrs Laura Robinson, and the children of my dead brother & sister. It is my will that my property be divided among them as the laws of Tennessee direct. I believing the laws of the state to be founded on Justice
Seventh- I appoint and constitute as Executors of this my last will and testament, my sister Mrs. Laura Robinson and Mr. Jack Montgomery, to serve in that capacity without bond.

In witness whereof I this day sign this my last will and testament this April 11, 1918

Mary Elizzie Smith

Signed and published in our presence as the will & testament of Mary Elizabeth Smith, and we sign our names as witnesses hereto at her request, this April 11, 1918.

Attest Witnesses
W. S. Pryor
A. T. Stewart