Will of David Lawson
[Will Book 1, pages 237-238 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

State of Tennessee  
Marion County
)  Jasper, December the 24th, 1913

I, David Lawson, do by this, my last will and testament, make and dispose of all my property that I may have at my death

First, I will that my burial expenses be paid out of my belongings, and then, Second I will that my-self and my wife who is now gone on to her reward, have placed at our graves a nice tomb stone and that all this be paid out of my belongings, and the balance of my belongings be divided equally between my children, and that each child and heir of mine have its prorate to part of what I may have after paying out the amounts above mentioned.

Now I make Brown Woods with the power of this will to act for my heirs, as the executor of this my will to transfer my land and property, and deed my lands to whomsoever may purchase same at private sale, or public as will suit and that's most desired by my Heirs and Executor of this my will.

Now this power is intended to convey to my executor Brown Woods, all power to sell and convey after my death all I have or hold and the power to deed any real estate I may have at my death as I my-self would have the right to now sell the same and make deed under the law.

I make my will for the reason I am now very old, and my life by nature is very short, and this is done to the end that no suit or lawing away what little I may have left at my death.

I love all my children, alike and want each to receive a like portion of whatever I may have at my death, let it be long or short.

It is my will and desire, and by my name I revoke all other things said, done or instruments and invoke this at this date as the only will and testament of mine for my childrens benefit and the other matters pertained therein.
This December the 24th 1913

David Lawson

Attest without interest
this Dec.24. 1913
J. W. Morrison
Geo. Bailey