Will of Nancy Waldon
[Will Book 1, page 227 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

On the 27 day of Nov 1915, Nancy Waldon deceased, in her last sickness, at her own habitation in Marion County, declared in the presence of the undersigned, whom she expressly requested to bear witness thereto, that her will was as follows:
That her grandson, Richard Rogers, have the money coming to her in the compromise of the case of Waldon vs Waldon, pending in the Chancery Court of Marion County; that he have her household goods; and that he have whatever might be due on her pension, she gave to the said Richard Rogers all her property which consists of the above.

The said Nancy Waldon died Dec. 29th 1915

Written and signed by us, this Jany 5, 1915

Witnesses Oscar Spangler William Thorton
Witnesses Oscar Spangler William Thorton

Tennessee Kilgore (her mark)