Will of Patrick Henry Grayson
[Will Book 1, pages 222-223 (transcribed by Beverly Burton Culbreth)]

I Patrick Henry Grayson of Whitwell Marion County Tennessee being of sound mind and memory, do make an publish and declare this to be my last will and testament to wit:
First-  All my just debts and funeral expences shall be first paid

Second-  I give and devise and bequeath the following described real estate to my beloved son Jas M. Grayson to have and to hold to him his heirs and assigned forever, this property is bonded and described as follows: Beginning at the north east corner of the Methodist church lot thence Northeast to a stone at the barn lot, thence east four rods to a rock so as to include barn, thence northeast to the branch, near a bunch of witch hazel bushes, thence, up the branch to the public road, crossing same to a telephone post near flood gate, thence north to G. S. Ashburns corner in the old Tatum line, thence west with said line to the orchard fence just above the spring, thence south with orchard fence to Jas Grayson line, thence with his line to the said church lot west corner thence with church lot line to the beginning corner. This tract of land and improvements are located in the second civil district of Marion County Tennessee.

In consideration of this bequest Jas M. Grayson, agrees to look after my personal welfare in sickness and health, such as to render my needed services in my declining years, the entire fullfillment of which I do not question, I further bequeath to my beloved son Jas. M. Grayson the use of my farm my life time, as a tenant. He shall pay one fourth rent, keep up the fencing and pay the taxes on same. he shall pay one fourth rent on corn, oats, hay and wheat crops, other products shall be used in common as family supplies.

I expressly reserve the front South room of residence as my own abode my life time for free use, I further expressly reserve the upper south room for my beloved daughter Tula Grayson, also free use with me the lower south room of residence while she is single my lifetime. This reserve to be void at my death. At my death, the remaining part of my estate not herein contained, shall be equally divided between all my heirs, Jas Grayson and Tula Grayson included, but before this division Tula Grayson, my daughter, shall be paid from this remaining estate, not contained in this will, $200 Two Hundred dollars for her services, in waiting on my beloved wife and myself. I nominate and appoint my beloved son Jas M Grayson as executor of this my last will and testament, revoking all former wills I further direct that my beloved son Jas M Grayson act also as administrator in the division of my estate as afore mentioned.

March 12th, 1912

Patrick H. Grayson (seal)

Signed sealed published and declared as and for his last will and testament by the above named testator in our presence, who have at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, signed our names as witness thereto.

March 12th 1912

Witness  Lyda Shirley
Witness  N. B Moore