Will of R. J. Moore
[Will Book 1, pages 191-192 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Know all men by these presence that I R. J. Moore of the 3rd Civil District of Marion County, Tennessee, being properly as myself, and being uninfluenced, do of my own free will and accord, set apart, and bequeath, and do will unto Nancy Jane Moore, my lawful and wedded wife and for the love and affection I have for her, and for the kindness she has ever extended unto me and my children, all the right, title and claim I have in all the property both real and personal in the 3rd civil district of Marion County Tennessee consisting of two small tracts or bodies of land. 1st The one where we now live (known as a part of the Moore farm. 2nd The other near The Company Mill and known as a part of the Grayson farm containing fifty acres moore [sic] or less; also two houses at Whitwell in the (15) Civil District, each occupying one fourth acres – fenced off separately. All of which she is to have and controll [sic] during her natural lifetime, or widowhood except that A. L. Moore shall be her agent and shall have the power to take hold of the business and shall assist in paying off all indebtedness and, also, to have power to collect all outstanding debts coming to the estate and that A. L. Moore N. B. Moore shall have a right to cultivate the lands by paying a reasonable rent to keep up the place and pay taxes and at the experation [sic] of Nancy Jane Moores natural lifetime or widowhood any personal property owned by Nancy Jane Moore or A. L. Moore may be disposed of at their own will or wish and further, at the end of Nancy Jane Moores natural lifetime or widowhood all this real estate shall fall to my heirs (N, B. and A.L. Moore) as I now will, divide and allot it to them. The ninety and a fraction acres, which is a part of the Moore estate, Lot No. 4 which was drawn by R. J. Moore with all its improvements and impertinances [sic] shall fall to N. B. Moore and his heirs.

Lot No 3 (where we now live) with its improvements and impertinances [sic] shall fall to A. L. Moore and his heirs. The portion of land owned by me at the river shall be divided, beginning at a point in the road near Brown Holloways and running a line down the hill to the branch so as to give the Southern end two acres the advantage. To do this acurtately [sic] it must be surveyed. The south end falls to N. B. Moore & his heirs. The North division falls to A. L. Moore and his heirs. The three fourths of an acre of land owned by me at Whitwell, I having two houses on same and N. B. Moore having one. The two houses owned by me are to be owed [sic] by A. L. Moore and his heirs. The one fourth of land ocupied [sic] by N. B. Moores house – the title is to be vested in him and his heirs.

I do this to save trouble that might follow after.

Augt 12 1898

R. J. Moore


J. J. Smith
Wm Brown