Will of D. R. Deakins
[Will Book 1, pages 187-188 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Know all men by these presence that I D R Deakins of sound mind and memory, do by these presence make my last and only existing will and testament. first. I desire that as soon as posible [sic] after my death that my Funeral expences[sic] and Out Standing debts be settled. I want my wife Mary H. Deakins to have the Home place. Togeather [sic] with all tools and team and Sufficient Stock for her benefit and comfort until my Executor heare [sic] in after named shall have time to sell land and property for her comfort, when remainder of all lands are Soled [sic- sold] and collections mad [sic- made]. Then I want Three Thousand and Five hundred Dollars for her use during her natural life or the home place as Soots [sic] her best. I desire that all my effects after my death be divided between L.E. Deakins B.A. Deakins Horace Deakins Hellen Hall and Gertrude Price & Cordie Barker as to Lawie Teague they have means. I leave it to the wish of the majority of the heirs as to the sale or devision[sic] of the Home place when she shall have decides [sic] as to which suits her best or when she is done with it. I here in nominate and appoint as my executors without bond, Byron A. Deakins and Horace L. Deakins. I heare [sic] in execute Power of Atty to them to make private Sales of any property comeing [sic] in to their hands or Sell at Public out cry, either lands or property as they may think best. I alls [sic] autherise [sic] either of them in case the amt set apart for her use or interest, fails to make her comfortable, you are heareby [sic] authorised [sic] to use principle for her neads [sic], with full power and authority to Sign Deeds either jointly or seperately [sic] heare [sic] by Ratafying [sic] and confirming all that my said exectors [sic] may lawfully do in and about the premases [sic] as fully and all intents and purposes as though I was personally present at the doing thare [sic] of] heare [sic] by confirming all they may do in the Settlement of said business interlined before sineing [sic] In witness whare [sic] of hearunto [sic] Subscribe my name.

This April 18 – 1911

D. R. Deakins


G. T. Holoway
J. E. Holoway