Will of Alfred P. Ramsey
[Will Book 1, page 181 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Be it remembered that I Alfred P. Ramsey of Sequachee Marion County, Tenn. Being of sound mind and desposing [sic] memory and realizing the uncertainty of life make this as my last will and testament.

1st. After my death I direct that my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid.

2nd All my property both real and personal of any and all kinds I give and bequeath to my wife Keziah Ramsey for her sake and absolute use and enjoyment during her life. At her death the following division shall be made. I give to Tennessee Ramsey the wife of Brownlee Ramsey and her heirs a piece of land Beginning where she now lives At Brownlee Ramsey land at north corner thence west to R. Rd thence by R Rd to post and rail fence and crossing R Rd west to Lewis and Johnson corner then south by Johnson to Owens line and by her line to Owen and Ramsey at old gate thence north to point of beginning containing about 25 acres also 6 acres of woodland in mouth of hollow near where Brownlee Ramsey lives going to Burrel Lasaters corner for the use of herself and her children.

My land west of said N.C. & St [sic- "L" should follow] R Rd I give and bequeath to Rebecca Jane Watson for her self and what ever I have not conveyed of my home place in consideration of myself and wife being taken care of by her during our lives. The Bennett place I direct to be given to Mary Elizabeth Ramsey for herself and her heirs. The division as directed by me to be made amicably and either party objecting to this division are to be debarred from receiving any thing and no division of property shall be made until after the death of my wife Keziah Ramsey.

Signed and sealed this 4th day of Sept 1902.

A.P. Ramsey

Witnessed by us in the presence of each other.

Thomas H. Hill.
William C. Hill.
Louise H. Hill.