Will of A. P. Mitchell
[Will Book 1, page 175 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Inman, Tenn Sept 15 1903

I, A. P. Mitchell do this day will and set apat [sic] for the us [sic] and benefit of my Beloved Wife Annie Mitchell

Teh [sic- The] following described tract of land described as follows. Begining [sic] on a stake in center of ditch at a gate in west corner of the field below the house wher [sic] M. A. Henneiger now lives running with center of said ditch to where it crosses the public Rode [sic] under a Bridge thense [sic] on a strate [sic] line to top of the hill to where my line intersects with the T C I Companys line thence south with said line to where mine and Frank Mitchells line corners in said T C I Company line thence with my and Franks line a westerly course crossing Big red at back of Franks Barn and on to pointers fifty yards from the corner of Franks new ground thence with strate line north passing a row of Cedar trees to the Beginning containing about 90 acres. It is also my will that after the Death of my or Marriage of my Wife that the above described tract of land go to the use and benefit of my daughter Laura and her son Vollie B. Gray. I want my wife to have all of my House hold Furnature and Wagon and team and all necessary Farming implements and two hundred dollars in cash. And all of my other effect to be equally divided among my six children or their legal heirs: This Sept 15 1903

A. P. Mitchell


Geo D. Smith
Kate S. Smith