Will of Wilson Condra
[Will Book 1, page 171 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]


I Bequest of Wife in lew [sic] of dower and homestead.
I give and devise unto my said Wife that lot peace [sic] or parcel of land supposed to be 25 Acres of land more or less. Beginning on a Percimmon on the W. side of valley road thence South E 2 ½ P, to valley road thence North E with said road to Wilson Condras, and W. H. Golston, corner on the W side of Valley road Thence N 78° 15' W 81 P to a stake and pointers and two rock corner J. A. and Wilson Condra corner. Thence southEasterdly [sic] with J. A. Condra’s and Wilso [sic] Condra’s line to the Beginning with all the appurtenances [sic] to have and to hold the same so long as she lives with the Houses Barn and lots also House hold and Kitchen furniture also to have one Bank certificate on Chattanooga savings Bank amounting to $318.00 which she holds in her own name. I direct that that my Exuators [sic] at my death sell all of my personal property outside of what I set apart to my Widow when collected pay pay [sic] to my Widow $275.00 Two Hundred seventy five more money.

I appoint L. S. Condra and B. W. Condra as my exectors [sic] to look after Mother in person and property and collect and pay debts and all costs and expenses are paid that the remainder bee [sic] equally divided betwee [sic] my several Heirs that my burial expenses be also paid at the death of my Wife that all the Property set apart to her be sold and equally divided between my several heirs after all the expenses are paid. I appoint and direct that L. S. B. W. and B. H. Condra with a Surveyor divide all of my lands into Ten equal shares as near equal in value as they possbly [sic] can that the Surveyor bounderr [sic] each lot of land and number the several shares be drawn in a lawful manner and that the works of divission [sic] all be carried to the Registers office of Marion County and be Registered and that a copy of each or any of the shares be equal to a warrantee Deed to the same after my death and my lands are divided that my Ecuators [sic] at the end of two years after my death that my Ecuators [sic] collect and pay over to my said Widow $10.00 off of each heir for each and ever year so long as my said Widow lives that the Ecuators hold each share of land responsible for the $10.00 what money if any left on hand at the death of the Widow that has been approprited [sic] to her be equally divided between the several heirs. I appoint as Ecuators to the above will, L. S. and B. W. Condra, in case that either one fail on account of death or disability B. H. Condra, take his place. This Jan 17th, 1906.

Wilson Condra. Testator.


A. W. Price
James Phelps.

I Amanda Condra wife of Wilson Condra freely agree and accept the Property my Husband has set apart to me in liew [sic] of Home stead and dowery.

This Jan 17th 1906

A Manda Condra.