Will of William B. McDaniel
[Will Book 1, pages 163-164 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

I W. B. McDaniel being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this my last will and testament revoking all other wills by me at any time made.

= I =
I Will and devise to my nephew Goodson McDaniel Moore my home place near Shellmound, Tennessee, bounded North by Tennessee River, East by McReynolds, South by M. L. McDaniel and West by Graham, containing about three hundred acres and upon the following condition to wit:-

The said G. M. Moore shall release and quit claim unto W. O. Moore and Chas C. Moore the interest which he has under the will of his Grandfather Goodson McDaniel in the home place of Nancy E. Moore being the South half of the 23rd section Ocoee Dist; in the event, the said G. M. Moore should elect not to do this, then the said real estate above described shall vest in and is hereby willed to G. M. Moore, W. O. Moore, Chas C. Moore and Ara A Wampler equally. In addition to the above devise I will and bequeath to said G. M. Moore in the event of his acceptance of the above, All the stock farming implements & etc that may be on the place at my death and also all household and kitchen furniture.

This devise of realty is limited to the said G. M. Moore for life and to the heirs of his body after his death.

= II =
My gold watch and library I bequeath to Chas C. Moore

= III =
All moneys, notes, accounts and choses in action which may remain after the payment of all my debts including burial expenses, (which my executor is directed to pay) I direct to be divided into three equal parts by my executor. One part I bequeath to W. O. Moore, One part to Chas C. Moore and the 3rd part I direct to be retained in the hands of my executor and kept loane [sic] out by him upon solvent security for the use and benefit of the two children of Ara A. Wampler to wit Joe Reese Wampler and George Wampler and to be expended by my said executor for their education and maintainance [sic] but the Corpus of of [sic] the fund shall not be touched upon for this purpose until said children arrive at the age of fifteen years. In case either should die before arriving at fifteen then the whole farm shall vest in the survivor.

In case both should die the said funds will be paid to their mother Ara A. Wampler if she be then living, if not then to the other two legatees above named.

= IV =
One tract of twenty acres of Land more or less which I own at Sequatchie, Tenn lying S. E. of the Depot between the Jasper branch of N. C. A. St L. R. R. and the Owen Spring branch I devise to my sister Rachael Sophronia Owen for life and at her death the same is limited [?] over to my son Albert McDaniel for life and at his death my executor is directed to sell the same and divide and dispose of the proceeds as provided in regard to the money & etc in paragraph III above.

The said executor is further empowered to make deed of conveyance to the purchase with the usual covenants.

= V =
I hereby nominate and appoint Chas C. Moore my true and lawful executor to execute the provisions of this will who shall serve without bond.

Witness my hand this November 17th 1899

Wm McDaniel.

We hereby certify that the testator W. B. McDaniel signed and acknowledged the foregoing instrument in our presence as his last will and testament and we do subscribe our names hereto in witness thereof in the presence of each other and in the presence of the testator.
This November 17th 1899

J. F. Webb
J. A. Price.