Will of Jerry A. Walker
[Will Book 1, page 149 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

I Jerry A Walker of Jasper Tenn. do make & publish this my last will & testament hereby revoking and making void all others at any time made by me

First I will and desire that my funeral expenses and all other debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of or that may first come into the hands of my Executors

I desire that M. E. walker of Jasper tenn. have one hundred dollars. To Wash Coppingers daughter Anna 1 Bed stead Wash stand & Dresser. The 2 pictures of Austin & David Coppinger I give to Mrs. Julia Payne. My own picture and wifes to Mrs. Mamy Bieres[?]. All my real estate to be sold. notes to be collected and all the above matters paid off.

I desire that my Bro Marion Walker of Texas have one dollar.

I desire after all expenses are met and a Tomb stone erected at my grave and paid for Wash and Jessie Coppinger to received [sic] the balance of my effects equally divided

5th I do nominate and appoint Wash Coppinger and M. E. Walker my executors. They to be paid for their services

Jerry A. Walker (his mark)

This Apl 11th 1904.


W. L. Brewer.
C. B. Brewer.