Certified Copy of Will of J. D. Robards
[Will Book 1, pages 125-128 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

My last Will and testament made this 6th day of March 1900 being of and mind and disposing memory and revoking all other wills


My desire that my mortal body shall have a plain burial not expensive in the Henderson Cemitery [sic] beside my former wife and also beside my wife too provided I shall be the longest living


I desire first of all my honest debts shall be paid first


It is my desire that my present wife she being the longest liver have one hundred dollars per month to live on or do as she pleases the house and lot on which it stands is already deeded to her with all the furniture as it stands and I want the taxes to be paid annually out of my estate as long as she lives also the carriage and horse and carriage house as long as she lives and the same to return to my heirs at her death.


It is my desire that the Estate shall stand as it is now the Robards Tobacco Co and J D Robards & son and both shall be carried on under the firm names as now and all money shall remain in these firms as now both in Europe and in Manufacturing business as so much capital without interest except Item the 3rd shall be paid as therein stated.


It is my desire that the $30,000 note that I hold outside the firm be kept in the firm for Eddie, Frank, Julia, Catherine, David and Ida B. to bear interest six percent annually and that interest to be paid to them yearly to live on. I mean for them to dress and use as their expense money. It is my desire that each child shall remain in the firm and the Boys shall become active members and work with the firm as the above named firm Robards Tobacco & J. D. Robards & son.


Now it being a fact that E. T Robards became a equal partner in my business about the year 1885 and much of the profits of the firm has been joint improvements and it being my desire that my present wife shall have nothing to do with my estate real personal or any other State except that which is mentioned Item 3rd of this will as I gave her in her own name the new house and lot upon which it stands and furniture and an allowance of Twelve hundred dollars a year as her dower in full to be paid to her monthly and taxes on same to be paid annually as long as she lives if she should be the longest lives.


Now the brick Manufacturing building and brick and frame lot of the old Elam & McClain were both built and Equipped from the profits of the Robards to Co [sic] as well as lot of 100 feet by 200 from McComs and should be recorded as joint property.


Now I have a lot of other property in Audubon 4 houses on Powell st and a lot vacan property prest value about 8000 in Audubon and 3000 on first street between Ingram and Alves also about 25000 on Ingram st also 1600 on Alves and a 60 lot and house first block the Christian Church all of these rent will and should be kept rented now should business proper I desire that my estate shall pay annually 300 a year to help Keep a competent preacher at Christian Church and this place Henderson, KY.


Now be it understood Item 5th shall not be so construed that these six children are to bord [sic] themselves out of the 300 interest but clothe themselves and furnish them with spending money and the board to come out of the Estate and should there be other Grand- children I wish them all to be made Equal

J D Robards


P.S. there is other property belonging to my estate as soon T. F. Hart dies who has 180 acres of fine land deeded to him with a lifetime estate to return to my heirs at his death. I want that put in good shape and sold and divided equal among my heirs at law also one other lot lying on Dixon Street between Alviasia and Faygon street that was not mentioned also my property at Mt Eagle Tennessee which is easy worth $7000 which it is my desire to sell to Mr. J. W. Usher if he can arrange to pay giving the easeys [sic?] term that the estate can afford.


and last Item I want my son E. T. Robards to be my executor of my estate without having to give bond to the court and to become the head of the firm of Robards Tob Co & Eddie Frank and David to be made partners in said firm and if the girls can persuade their husbands to let their money remain in the firm and work as hands would like for them to do so.

J. D Robards


G. F. Towles
David Banks
O. W. Rash

State of Kentucky
Henderson County sct

1903 Feb Term of Henderson County Court
Monday Feb 23rd 1903

This day this paper purporting to be the last Will and Testament of J D Robards was produced in open court and proven by the oaths of O W Rash and David Banks two of the subscribing witnesses thereto the same was then adjudged by the Court to be the true last will and testament of J D Robards deceased and ordered to be recorded as such which is here done.


L. W. Powell Clerk
by S Trafton DC

State of Kentucky
Henderson County Court
February Term 1903
Monday February 23rd

Came M Merritt Attorney and in open court presented a paper purporting to be the last will of J. D. Robards Dec'd and moved the court to probate same also came O. W. Rash & David Banks two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and under oath stated that said paper was signed and acknowledged by the said J. D. Robards to be his last will and testament and at his request & his presence & in the presence of each other & the presence of G. F. Towles the other subscribing witness they signed the same as attesting witnesses and that at said time the said Robards was of sound mind and memory the court then adjudged said paper was & is the last true will and testament of J. D Robards dec'd and ordered that same be admitted to probate and be recorded as such.

Came E. T. Robards nominated in the last will of J. D. Robards as Executor without bond and qualified as such Executor by executing his personal covenant and taking the oath required by Law.

State of Kentucky
Henderson County Sct

I L W Powell Clerk of the Henderson County Court do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the will and two orders now of record in my office given under my hand and seal of office this 28th day of February 1903

L W Powell Clerk
by S. Trafton DC

(seal of Henderson County Court, Henderson County Kentucky)