Will of P. H. [Patrick] Cook
[Will Book 1, pages 105-106 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Know all men by these presents that I P. H. Cook of Marion County Tenn. Being of sound mind and good memory do make this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking and annulling any and all previous wills of mine or anything purporting to be a will of mine. 1st. I desire that all debts of mine and all funeral expenses be paid as promptly as possible after my death, all the balance of my estate of every kind, personal property, real estate, choses in action of every kind and all my belongings I do hereby will, devise, bequeath and dispose of as follows.

To my oldest child, Mrs. M. E. Turner wife of Dr. Mel Turner I do hereby give, devise and bequeath the sum of ($5.00) Five Dollars in cash money the same to be paid by the executors herein after named out of any cash or other belongings of mine. The same to be paid to her or her representative. To my three remaining children viz: A. A. Cook, C. H. Cook, Katie B. Cook, I do hereby give, grant, devise and bequeath all of my remaining property of every kind, personal property, cash, Real Estate, notes, bonds, mortgages and all choses in action and in fact all of my property of every kind after the foregoing provisions are carried out no matter where any of said property may be at the time of my death. The said three children to share equally, that is share and share alike and in case of the death of either they leaving heirs, then the share of each child shall go to the heirs of said child in the same proportion of one third. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this will I hereby appoint as my executors A. A. Cook and C. H. Cook, jointly, they to act without bond and give unto them full power to carry out this will and to do all acts and things necessary to carry out its provisions and intents, and in carrying out the same they may sell and personal property or Real Estate that I die possessed of in order to pay any debt of mine as they may deem fit either before or after any divisions made, or they may divide any of my real estate that they may deem best for the interest of the estate giving each heir their pro rata portion provided a value is put on each tract or parcel of land which will make them all share alike. Or they may give to any one child its portion in cash provided all three agree that the remainder will be worth its prorate portion, and in all things I request that they consult each other and carry out this will as its spirit and intention states. Witness my hand this Jany. 9th 1895

P. H. Cook


J Bright. So Pittsburg, Tenn
T. G. Garret So Pittsburg, Tenn.

Codicle [sic] to the above will.
I P. H. Cook have on the 22nd day of August, 1899 advanced to my daughter Kate B now wife of John B. Frazier, the sum of Eight hundred dollars and I hereby direct and require my executors named in this will to so charge her with Eight hundred dollars in the distribution of my estate under the will attached to and on this paper dated Jany 9th 1895 and this is a codicle to said will. Witness my hand this August 29th 1899

P. H. Cook

Signed in our presence by P. H. Cook and at his request we subscribe our names hereto as witnesses in the presence of the testator.

A. L. Spears
C. B. Fowlkes.

Note: Additional information, not in Will: The children's names from the 1880 census were; Albert, Charles, Katie and Mary. Patrick H. Cook and wife Mary E. [nee Alley] were mentioned in her father Erasmus Alley's Will.