Will of C. B. Turner
[Will Book 1, pages 94-95 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

I C B Turner being of sound mind and Disposing memory Do ordain and establish this my last will and testament Revokeing [sic] all former wills by me at any time made


I give and bequeath to my Brother Dr Mel Turner the sum of $100.00 One Hundred Dollars to be paid to him out of any Personal Estate which I may Possess at the time of my Death.


I give and bequeath to my child Dollie Coldwell some times called Dolly Turner one third of all other property both Real and Personal and mixed of which I may Die seized and Possessed to be Divided and set apart to her by an Executor herein after named


I give and Bequeath to my Brother Wash Turner and my sister Mollie Prigmore wife of Mat Prigmore all the Remainder of my Property of Every Kind. But their Part shall be charged with any Debts I may owe at the time of my Death and I direct my Executor to Pay all my Debts out of their shares including burial expences [sic] and the Remainder after Payment of Debts to be Divided between them Equally.


In case my child Dolly Caldwell should Die before I Do then in that Event I Direct my Executor to Pay to her Mother Mary Caldwell the sum of five Hundred Dollars out of any Estate I may Possess at my Death in lieu [sic- lieu] of the bequest to Dollie. Under Paragraph 2 above and the Remainder to be Divided & Paid out as Directed in Paragraph 3 above.


In case Either of the Beneficiaries under this will should at any time institute a law suit or cause a law suit to be instituted against Either of the other beneficiaries then the beneficiary suing shall forfeit their interest in my Property and all Benefits under this will the same to be Paid to the beneficiaries against whoever such suit is brought and in case an effort is made to brake [sic] this will and a suit is brought by any one not named as a beneficiary here in then I Direct that Each of the Beneficiaries shall assist in Resisting such suit and contribute in Prorate according to their several interest towards the Expense of the same.


I hereby nominate and appoint my Good friend Miles H Merrett as my Executor to carry out and Put into affect [sic] the several Provisions this will acording [sic] to the spirit and tenor of the same and its Execution he shall be clothed with full Direction to Do what he thinks is Right and just and to the best interest of the legatees and Devisees.
Witness my signature this Nov 22nd 1897
Eightteen [sic] Hundred and ninety seven

C B Turner


Chas C Moore
Thos Jerrett

Codacil No 1 on May 2nd 1898

Being still of sound mind and memory I hereby alter and amend the Provisions of foregoing will as follows. It is my will and Desire at the bequest of Dollie Coldwell in Paragraph 2 above be Restricted to One third of my Real Estate only. Codicil No 2. It is further my will and Desire that Paragraph 3 be amended and that my Broths Mell Turner & Lee Turner together with Wash Turner and Molly Prigmore shall Equally share all the residue of my Estate Both Real and Personal after my Debts are paid and this bequest shall be in lieu of the $100.00 bequeathed to Mell Turner in Paragraph 1 of the will in all other aspects my foregoing will is hereby confirmed and ratified the May 2nd 1898

C. B. Turner


C. Moore
M H Merritt