Will of Luke Deavenport
[Will Book 1, page 92 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

Know all men by these Presence that I Luke Deavenport of Marion County and State of Tennessee Being in Possession of sound mind and memory make and Publish this as my last will and testament hereby revokeing [sic] any former writing Purporting to be a will of mine.


I desire after my death that all my funeral expenses be Paid first including doctors bills and that all other legitimate debts so far as Possible Be Paid


I Desire and Do hereby Bequeath will and Devise unto my beloved wife Lyrena E Deavenport should she survive me all the Real Estate Personal Property of any and all kind chosen in action or Right of Inheritance that I now own or Possess or may Die owned and Possessed of includeing [sic] all life insurance of any and every kind as she has been a faithful and good wife to me and has helped me to earn all that I have. I also hereby Devise bequeath and will unto her all interest that I am Entitled to or may be Entitled to or to all interest any and all kind Growing out of my interest in the Estate of the Late Nichols Rogers Mathews in and to certain mountain lands in Marion County Tenn and Particularly Refered to as the interest involved in a certain suit in chancery court of Marion County Brought by the Tenn Coal Iron R R Company.


I further name and nominate and appoint by these Present my wife Lyrena E Deavenport as my sole absolute Executrix for the Purpose of carrying out the Provisions of the my last will and testament giveing [sic]her full and complete Power to act as she may Deem best and to look after the interest of my Estate in all things as she may se [sic] fit she to act with out any bond this Jan 3rd 1898

Luke Deavenport


Jeptha Bright
C. M. Hash