Will of James H. Loveday
[Will Book 1, page 87 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

August 5th 1885 [third digit messy 1895?]
Last will and testament of James H Loveday I this day will and bequeath all my Property both Real and Personal as follows

Beasy Loveday Russel the child of my sister the Part of my Land which lies on the west of the Bee Branch and includes the House and orchard and Sarah Loveday shall have the use and her life time Dower of the same fifty acres more or less.

I also will and bequeath the Part of my Land which lies on the east of Bee Branch includeing [sic] the old Place to my Brother Carter Loveday’s three children I E [sic- should be "i.e."- not initials of an heir- 1990 census Carter Loveday h/h childrens names are proof] Henry Rita Mary Loveday. In case of his Refusal Be it fifty acres more or less so as to Include the Remainder of the 100 acres which I now live on and all I Possess. I also will to my Brothers and sisters heirs the sum of one Dollar namely G. W. Loveday heirs to Polly Templeton one Dollar Susan one Dollar Russell Hains $1.00 to Abrams heirs one Dollar. The six Dollars to be Paid to the six Legatees by the Land holders Equally when they can make it off the land or Personal without Loss or damage to the same.

James Loveday


Carter Loveday
Martha Loveday