Will of Zilpha M. Long
[Will Book 1, pages 85-86 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

I Zilpha M Long of the county of Marion and State of Tennessee, Knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and being of sound mind and with full knowledge of the result of acts have this day made and Published this my last will and testament.


I own the farm on which I live and which is fully described in a deed of conveyance from Robert Smith and wife to me on the 8th day of Nov. 1881 Registered in the Registers of . of [sic] Marion county Book M Page 288 & 290 This land I desire to give and by this will bequeath and devise unto my Nephew James Long who is now liveing [sic] with me and takeing [sic] care of me and also any and all other Real estate besides the above lands that I may die Seized and Possesed [sic] or owner.


I give and bequeath all my Personal Property of Every description cattle horses mules hogs money and household goods unto said James Long except $800.00 Eight Hundred Dollars which I desire to give to my Nieces Tennessee Gordoiner [sic] and Mariah Long to be divided Equally between them or four Hundred Dollars apece [sic] if their [sic] is not Sufficient Personal Property to Pay these nieces said amount of four Hundred dollars apeace [sic] then James Long is to Pay the __lowing[?] out of the value of the Land.


I here by appoint and nominate my Nephew James Long haveing [sic] full confidence in his fidelity and integrity the executor of this will and desire that he be excused from giveing [sic] bond as said executor this Dec 4th 1888

Zilpha M Long (her mark)

We have witnessed the signature of Zilpha M Long to the above will at the Request of the testator and have subscribed our names as witnesses in the Presence of each other and in the Presence of said testator Zilpha M Long this Dec. the 4th 1888

John D Masengill
Willis B Pippin

(Shown on Page of minute Book 49 & 50)