Will of James M Lewis
[Will Book 1, pages 84-85 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

I James M Lewis of Marion County and State of Tennessee do make and publish this my last will and testament here by revokeing [sic] and makeing [sic] void all former wills by me at any time here to fore made.


I direct that my body be decently intered [sic] at old Shiloah [sic] in said county by the side of my second deceased wife Amanda Lewis.


I direct that my last wife Rebeca Lewis be decently intered at my side opposite said second wife deceased.


I direct that said Rebecca Lewis be allowed to remain in our Present homestead as long as she lives and that all of her necessary sustainance [sic] be furnished her from the Proceeds of my estate.


I direct that all our debts funerel [sic] expenses be paid as soon after our decease as Practical out of any moneys I may die Possessed of or may come in to the hands of my executors From any Portion of my real estate or Personal property.


I direct that all of my real estate be equally divided between James A Lewis his heirs and assignes [sic] and George H Lewis his heirs and assignes they being my only two sons liveing [sic], said Real Estate to be divided after the experation [sic- expiration] of our lives and that the said James A Lewis and George H Lewis Jointly or severly [sic] as they deem best Pay to Nancy A Boyd my daughter and belle Rogers daughter of Mary Jane Rogers Dec. my daughter two hundred and forty five dollars each as their Part of my estate that I leave seazed [sic] and Possessed of said money to be paid in two several payments viz one hundred and twenty five dollars in two years from date of the last deceased.


That all personly [sic] property of every description that may be left after all expenses are Paid that the said George H Lewis have and hold as his own property and that he have a Perfect right to dispose of same as it Pleases him.


I do hereby make ordain and appoint my Esteemed neighbor and friend W C Moore and my beloved son G. H Lewis Executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I James M Lewis the said testator have to the my will written on one sheet of Paper set my hand and seal this the 23rd day of February 1893

James M Lewis (his mark) [L S]

Signed sealed and Published in the Presence of us who have subscribed in the Presence of the testator and of each other


W C Moore
S B M Rogers
Archie Bracken