Will of W. S. Griffith, Sr.
[Will Book 1, page 82 (transcribed by Pam Collier)]

The following is my last will and Testament and I hereby revoke any and all other wills heretofore made by me.


It is my will that my daughter Polly Ann Griffith shall have all my property both real and personal of which I shall die seized and possed [sic- possessed] (after the payment of my burial expenses and my debts) for the term of her natural life with the full benefit of the use and the right to consume and expend the same for her use and benefit.


To carry this will into execution I hereby constitute and appoint James S Deakins my executor and Trustee for my said daughter and vest the title to all my property both real and personal to him take effect at my death and give him full power and authority to manage to sell, rent, let, lease or in any manner dispose of any or all of said property if in his judgment it shall become necessary for my daughters comfort support or maintenance.


If any thing remains of the property or its proceeds at the death of my said daughter such residue shall go to my other children in the same manner as if I had died intestate as to said property. No bond or security shall be required of said Deakins either as my executor or as Trustee for my daughter I having full confidence in his judgment and integrity.
April [? 4th or 11th ?] 1892

W. S. Griffith Sr

Signed and acknowledged in our presence and we subscribe our names in the presence of the testator at his request and in the presence of each other the date above written

A. L. Spears
James E. Spring