Will of Johnathan Lasater
[Will Book 1, pages 56-58 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

I Johnathan Lasater of Marion County Tennessee have this day made and published this my last will and testament

First I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid out of any moneys on hand or if necessary that personal property be sold to pay the same

Second I bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy the following personal property to be set apart by my Executor 2 choice mules, 1 choice wagon, the best of my two fillies, all the sheep and hogs on hands, four cows and calves the rents of all the cove lands this year out of which first however taxes shall first be paid, one hundred dollars in cash and all the household and Kitchen furniture except I bequeath to James and William Lasater each one good feather bed & bed clothing. this personal property to be used by my wife during her life for the benefit of herself and my four children Nancy C. Julia E. Leora and Ettie L. Lasater and at the death of my wife if any of said property or its increase remains on hand then the same is to go to my said four children above named to be equally divided among them

I further devise to my beloved wife during her natural lifetime the following real Estate in the 9th civil district of Marion County Tenn the tract of land where I now live Known as the Jack Rogers farm and also 200 acres of timbered most convenient to said farm to be sold off by Executors out of the Rogers land and also free access for the purpose of keeping up the Rogers farm to the Cedar timber on any of the mountain side land I now own but she is not allowed to sell any timber

At the death of my said wife I will and devise said lands to my said four daughters Nancy C. Julia E. Leora Etta L. Lasater to their sole and separate use benefit & behalf

The land is to used by my wife for the benefit of herself and said four daughters and in their education and maintenance and in order to and to save the land against waste and to insure good handling I direct that during the life of my wife that Executor take control of the renting and leasing of said lands but is not to collect the rents. the land [illegible word] I regard as worth $3500.00 and this with the personal note bequeathed is all I desire my wife and said four daughters to have out of my Estate

Third I bequeath out of my personal estate one hundred dollars to Charles Briggs Lasater my Grandson this amount is to be put out at interest by my Executor due to be paid to him with its interest when he arrives at twenty one years of age and if he should die before attaining that age then immediately said amount shall be paid to my children named in item four of this will and I further bequeath one hundred dollars to my son James Lasater on account of Kind attention during my [illegible word] sickness

Fourth The rest and residue of my real and personal Estate (first paying all debts & specific legacies) I give bequeath and devise to my children as follows
D J Lasater, Burrill Lasater, Tom Lasater, Frank Lasater, Martha Alder, John Lasater, Wm Lasater, Mary J Parmly, Louise Vinsant, James Lasater and George Lasater share and share alike. I have made advancements to my children as follows

D Jo M Lasater has been advanced one thousand dollars including debt of $250.00 owing to [illegible 2 words- "?y ?ist?"] and debt of $75.00 owing to Byron Pope for which I am security & including notes & accts. I hold against Jo which are to be marked paid and surrendered to him by my Executor
2. Burrill Lasater has been advanced Five Hundred dollars and interest for which I hold his note Interest is to be counted on note and surrendered to him
3. Tom Lasater has been advanced same as Burrill & interest is to be counted & note surrendered
4. Frank Lasater has been advanced Two Hundred dollars with interest for four years
5. Martha Alder has been advanced Three Hundred dollars which is shown by note and interest to be charged and note surrendered
6. John Lasater has been advanced Fifty dollars with Inter for three years
7. William Lasater has been advanced one Hundred dollars including tuition for frescut[?] School
8. Mary J. Parmly has been advanced Two Hundred dollars for two years
9. Louisa Vinsant has been advanced Two Hundred dollars with interest for about ten years as shown by note
James Lasater nothing
George Lasater I have given some property and money but do not charge to him as an advancement

I desire and direct that interest shall be charged on the several advancements made from the time indicated above.

Before the proceeds of my personal and real estate is divided among my children as named in this clause No 4 of my will I desire and direct that said advancements with interest be charged to those receiving the advancements and that they be made equal and if they can be made equal out of the personal estate this is to be done and if not then out of proceeds of the real estate
I direct my executor to sell the personal property and collect the debts as soon possible and as the land divised in this clause of the will is not susceptible of equitable partition I direct my executor to sell said land on the best terms and pay over the proceeds as I have directed first equalizing the advancements but in making son James Lasater if he desires shall be allowed to buy one half of the land in Sweetens Cove devised in this clause of the will at $2500.00 on a credit of 1, 2, 3 & 4 years and if he declines to purchase then it may be sold to anyone else

Fifth I hereby nominate and appoint Burton Lasater and Daniel Vinsant Executor of My Will this April 17th 1886

Johnathan Lasater

Signed and executed in our presence on this day and we have witnessed this will in the presence of the testator and and at his special request this April 17th 1886

J. C. Jackson
Foster V. Brown