Will of Goodson McDaniel
[Will Book 1, pages 52-53 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

In the name of God Amen

I Goodson McDaniel of the County of Marion and state of Tennessee do make ordain and establish this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following I give my soul to Almighty God from whom I received it and body to be decently burried by my Executors. I give to my wife Elizabeth the Plantation in Dade County Georgia on which William Cagle lived to be disposed of as she may think proper Also Four hundred and fifty dollars in money now in the trunk Likewise all the household and Kitchen furniture she brought to me and that which has been bought since our marriage

I give my son William B. McDaniel what he received heretofore with Plantation on which he now lives up to line dividing between him and Mary L my daughter which line is to begin on the line dividing 23d and 24th sections 1 Fractional Township in Range seven west of the Basis line in the Ocoee District where said line crosses a drain in the South East side of the Potatoe [?] Hill Nob thence with said drain to where the great road crosses the creek thence with Williams fencing as it now stands to Drain coming down from Sand Mountain and with said drain up the mountain and direct to the line dividing N. West & S. West quarters of the 24th section as above described: I also give him my Gold watch my Bed Bedstead and its furniture I give to my daughter N. [should be "M"?] L. McDaniel that she has received allready with the Place on which Wm McHone now lives lying between the line above described between her and William B. and and lands now occupied by John Harp.

I also give to my daughter M. L. sixty dollars in gold now in my trunk over and above what I gave to my wife She is to have her Wheel and Loom I bought of old brother Holland I give to my daughter Rachel S. Owen that she has received together with my mountain plantation 4 280 [???] acres more or less which has been Sure out and lines Known lying in Jackson County Alabama where I now live also my Silver Cup

I give my Nancy E. Moon and to the heirs of her body the fourth half of the 23d section first fractional township in range 7 west of the Basis line in the Ocoee district with all the appertinances thereto belonging likewise my silver Teaspoons and whatever she may have received before this.

My will is that all the effects I may have not named above at my death counsting[sic] of Horses Cattle Hogs Wagon Carts Buggy farming utensils Books Household & Kitchen Furniture be vandered[?] and William B. Mary L. and Rachel S. be the bidders the one that will give most to have the article they bid for and when all is sold to divide proceeds of sales by them pay to each other till they are equal Nancy E. will have bore no part in this last as her part in the land will make her more than equal to the others I appoint William B. McDaniel and William Owen for Executors to carry out this will And do revoke annul and make void any and or all other will or wills heretofore made by me In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 7th day of June 1872

Goodwin McDaniel

J. R. Graham
W. C. Clouse


The Bed Bedstead furniture at G. W. Moore's I will to my Daughter Mary L. McDaniel

Goodson McDaniel

J. R. Graham
W. C. Clouse

Sworn to before me this the 7th day of Feb. 1887

James S. Deakins Clerk