Will of Pleasant A. Mitchell
[Will Book 1, pages 48-49 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

Last will and Testament of Pleasant A. Mitchell of the County of Marion and State of Tennessee In view of the uncertainty of Life and the Certainty of death and feeling it a duty which in life and in the full vigor and exercise of my mental faculties to make such disposition of my worldly effects as in my Judgement is Just and equitable to my beloved children; therefore I Pleasant A. Mitchell in the fear of God and without the Knowledge or influence of any person or persons whatsoever do by these presents make and publish the following as my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills.

First It is my will that whent[sic] death has Stricken my body down Such Sums be appropriated and used out of my estate as are necessary and appropriate for my burial corresponding with my humble Station and that my body be deposited by the Side of the remains of my beloved wife who has preceded me to the grave and that the place of burial be marked by an appropriate and Substantial Memorial.

Second that my just and equitable debts be paid if any any[sic] such be in existence

Third that my four well beloved Dutiful Children to wit William B. Mitchell Laura F. Anderson Flornice[sic] E. Spears Ellen O. Hiatt Shear[sic "share"] Evality or as near as may be in the proceeds of my estate taking as a basis the advances heretofore made by me and hereinafter named. Such Advances [illegible word smeared] without addition or reduction to be charged to Each as hereinafter stated and Estamated as a part of full share to which Each is intitled Said advances heretofore maid or as follows to wit

$3765.00 Advanced to my son William B. Mitchell Thirty Seven hundred & sixty five dollars in Land and Cash or it Equilant[sic]

$3700.00 Advanced to my Daughter Laura F. Anderson thirty seven hundred Dollars in Land and other property

$3765 Advanced to my daughter Florence E. Spears thirty Seven hundred & Sixty five dollars in Land and other property

$3196.00 Advanced to my daughter Ellen O. Hiatt thirty one hundred & ninety Six dollars in Cash and other Equilants.

What Ever may remain after Equalzing the several shears as above indicated then Such remainder shall be Equal divided Between said four children if Living otherwise to their Legal descendants But in Case Estate shall in any way become So reduced as not to yield a Sum sufficient to Eaqualized as above indicated then and in that case nothing shall be taken from one to add to another it being my will that the advances noted in the 3 Article or Clause of this Instrument be absolute and not diminshed or otherwise Changed Only in so far as the final proceeds of my Estate my be sufficient to Equalize or add the Several shares as Indicated in Said article Third.

Fifth in as much as my daughter Laura F. Anderson did to a material Exstent sacrifice her own pecunarary Interest by remaining with her mother during her Long affliction and with tender Solicitude Contributing to her Comfort therefore I give and bequeath to her my Said Daughter Laura F. Anderson all my household and Kitchen furniture none of which Shall be charged to her account One final settlement

Sixth I give and Bequeath to my son William B. Mitchell my family Bible Six val. Clocks[?] Cometories[?]

Seventh I hereby and Constitute my Brother Alexander Preston Mitchell to Execut and carry out the provissoins of this will for which Service he shall be paid out of the proceeds of my Estate not Less than Two hundred Dollars In witness whereof I have set my hand 8 day of Nov 1880

P. A. Mitchell

S. H. Alexandre
J S Deakins