Will of W. M. Bennett
[Will Book 1, pages 46-47 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

I W. M. Bennett of Marion County Tennessee Knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death- have this day made and published this as my will and testament

Item 1 I desire all my just debts to be paid including necessary funeral and burial expenses out of any money not otherwise appropriated

Item 2 I have a policy on my Life in the Kentucky grangers Mutual Benefit Society Dated Aug 4 1882 No 4509 payable to my wife and children or as I may direct by will. Now I desire to give and bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy B. Bennett Said policy of Insurance and direct that the Same be paid to her and I request and direct that my wife use enough of Said Insurance money to pay off the incumberance on the lands conveyed to her by B. L. Bennett in Marion Co., Tennessee and the rest and residue of Said Insurance money I give and bequeath to my said wife to use as she Sees proper except the potion[sic- "portion"] disposed of in Item fourth of this will

Item 3 All the rest and residue of my personal property I give and bequeath to my wife Nancy B. Bennett, and I give and desire to my wife Nancy B. Bennett all the real Estate of which I may die Seized and possessed- except (this exception to apply to real and personal property) Such as may be disposed of in item fourth of this will

Item 4 in consideration James S. Bennett faithful and continuos[?] helping me and his in whatever way he can to pay off the indebtedness of estate I direct that he be paid Seven hundred dollars out of the Estate in addition to a division of estate and also I will to James S. Bennett & Reese Bennett. But my wife Nancy B. Bennett is to have the use & occupancy of Said farm during her life this is to make Reese advancements equal to what the other Heirs has had. I will and bequeath my daughter Prassie $150.00 to be paid out of any of the accts[or is it "asets"?] of [blank space] to make her advancements equal with the Rest My daughter Virgie has fully had her advancements in her excess of Education over the other heirs.

Item 5 No part of the Insurance or money is to be used in payment of any of my debts except as above provided unless my wife Sees So fit to use the money

Item 6 I hereby nominate and appoint my wife N. B. Bennett & James S. Bennett my Executors and having confidence in thire[sic] integrity- thy they excused from giving the Bond required by law.

I direct that all debts and other assets be taken by my Executors and proceeds used 1st to pay off all encumberances against the Lands Deeded by B. L. Bennett to Nancy B. Bennett & second pay any Balance that may be Due O. B. Thach for the Mountain Land to Legal debts Due me or as follows 2 Nots[sic] Due from E. B. Ketcherside [Ketchenside?] $500.00 Each one claim for taxes paid on Mountain Lands in Sequatchee County he sold by order of court case of P. M. Hick & others vs other heirs of stephen Hick & a recovery against the estate of B. L. Bennett $350.00 for Rents for our farm for this year a Judgement or 2 on G. W. Ally Dockett and all other debts is cost[?] due me this 11th day of June 1885

W. M. Bennett

Signed and Executed in our presents and witnessed by us at the request and in the presents of W. M. Bennett this Jun[sic] 11th 1885

E. B. Ketcherside [Ketchenside?]
H. W. Griffith