Will of Martin Hamic
[Will Book 1, page 45 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

State of Tennessee
Marion County

I Martin Hamic do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby Revoking and making Void all others by me at any other maid[sic] I direct that all my funeral Expenses and all my debts be paid as Soon after my death as possible out of my Effects I give and bequeath to my wife Mary I Hamic all my personal Effects and all my Lands Deeded to me by S. A. Rogers and wife Sarah Rogers Except 15 acres the north west corner which I have Sold to John Hamic all the Remainder which is 36 acres Beging[sic] at a stak[sic] west of where I know[sic] live in Sallie Dames line to Martha Rogers line 116 poles to a Stake and pointers thence Easterdly[sic] 80 poles to a Post oak near the corner of field thence Southwardly 76 1/2 poles to Sallie Dames Line thence with Said Lane[sic- "line"] West 90 Poles to the Beginning containing (51) fifty one acres more or Less Said land being in Marion County 7 Civil district I all So Give to my wife Mary I Hamic all my household & Kitchen furniture the above will is made to my wife Mary I Hamic during her natural Life time at her death it is to the Be property of Nancy M. Reed my daughter her Bodly[sic] heirs except 10 ten acres of Said Land which is to Be the property of Sebron Oneal at the death of my wife Mary I Hamic laying in the North East Corner of Said tract the foregoing will is maid[sic] to my wife Mary I Hamic for the Love and Effection I have for her I do hereby nominate and appoint G W Dame my Executor in witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand this the 21 day of May 1885 Signed and published in our presents and we have Subscribed our names hereto in the presents of the testator this the 21 day of May 1885

Martin Hamic (his mark)

Henry Carlock (his mark)
Elizabeth T. Dame