Will of Thomas G. Craighead
[Will Book 1, pages 36-39(transcribed by David Johnson)]

I Thomas G. Craighead do hereby make and publish this my last will and Testament and revoke and declare void any other- if any wills by me made, to wit

1st I will that my Executor pay all my just debts of every kind as early after my death as practicable using the money and other personal property for that purpose and if not sufficient he will sell lands.

2nd I will and bequeath to Thos. E. Alley a son of my daughter Maria who intermarried with A K Alley the sum of Fifty dollars.

3rd I will and bequeath to Thomas C Rauling my grand son and son of my daughter Elizabeth Rauling who intermarried with Thos. K Rauling the sum of Fifty dollars.

4th I will and bequeath to my grand son Thomas G. Craighead Jr and son of my son Wm A Craighead the sum of Fifty dollars.

5th I will and desire to my grand son W. Edgar Hoge son of my daughter Mary A. who has intermarried with D. O. Hoge the following described tract of Land situated in Marion Co. Tenn.
to wit: 100 acres more or less in the 7th District of Marion County on Cumberland Mountain being the South West Corner of a grant to [blank space] but now the property of Washington Pryor said W. Edgar Hoge to take the absolute and fee simple title to said Land.

6th I will and devise to my beloved wife D. B. Craighead a life estate for and during her natural life in and to all the title and interest legal or equitable which I have in and to the following described land in Jasper in said County and state Beginning in the North side of main street at the Rail Road and running East with said street 436 1/2 feet thence Northward to Maple Street thence westward to the Rail Road and thence with the rail road to the beginning being the lot upon which we have our residence garden stable &c She to have the use occupation income and enjoyment of said lot as long as she may live and at her death the remainder estate to be divided and vest in my children as herein after directed. I also will and bequeath to her absolutely the following tract of Land in said state & County situated on Cumberland Mountain containing 19 acres more or less lying south East of the Tenn Coal & Rail Road Cos road near what is known as the "Holly Springs" and being a part of the lands granted to Henry Verner- schedule of property belonging to Mrs. D. B. Craighead and refered[sic] to and made a part of the will of Thos G. Craighead.

1 Chamber set consisting of Bedstead & bedding wash stand Bureau cottage stand 1 Rocking chair and 6 other chairs all Hair cloth Bowl and Pitcher and carpet-
2 One Chamber suit consisting of 1 bed stead and bedding 1 ward robe 1 Bureau 1 wash stand Carpet Four chairs Bowl and Pitcher 1 coal scuttle.
3 sitting room furniture consisting of Five chairs being 1 Rocker and four other chairs Hat Rack and 1 Lounge.
4 Dining Room: 1 side board 1 Dining table the China and Glass ware and silver ware and stone china ware being all the Dining room furniture and Carpet for Dining room 1 safe large- and
5 Parlor Furniture consisting of 2 reception chairs 1 sociable 1 marble topped table 1 Piano mantle glass 2 camp chairs 1 Carpet 2 Rugs Lace Curtains Pictures being all the furniture in the house. 2 foot stools 1 Pair lamps Lot of Table linens consisting of Napkins twouels[sic] Table clothes &c
One Horse or mare one buggy and harness One Cow and calf and Kitchen furniture-

Witness April 8, 1884

T. G. Craighead

James S Deakins
J D Payne
S. A. Key
Schedule "A" to Will

I will and desire to my said wife absolutely the furniture described in Schedule "A" which is hereto attached and made a part of this will. Most if not all of the property described in said schedule was purchased with her own money and justly and properly belongs to her, and it has always been my intention that she should have and keep and own the said articles named.

There have been some conveyances between me and my said wife, and these are not to be affected by this will, but it may be looked to in explanation. the end purpose being to do justice to her and to avoid any possible cause of litigation and I here beg of my wife, children and executor to use all means to avoid it.

I am the owner of the following described parcles[sic] of lands situated in said county and state to wit

Nineteen (19) acres on Sequatchie River known as the "Cow ford" tract.

Twenty Eight and one half (28 1/2) acres adjoining the lands of Mrs. Mary Coldwell and Col. Jaco Reece

Ninety four (94) acres more or less on the west side of the tract of land that formerly belonged to Mrs. C. C. Pinkney of Charleston, S.C. my wife owning the 94 acres on the East side of said land:

Nine (9) acres known as the spring lot lying on the south side of Jasper, west of the Rail Road and Town Creek and the spring branch running through it.

After the payment of my debts and the [?]special bequests heretofore made it is my will and I so devise that the lands last described as well as the remainder estate after my wifes death or the proceeds there of be divided equally among my children or their issue as follows to wit:
1st To my daughter Elizabeth Rawlings one 1 share.
2d To Mary Hoge my daughter one share.
3d To Thomas E. Alley and Marcellas M. Alley one share together, Each taking an equal part of the same.
4th To my son William A. Craighead one share.
5th To my daughter Adelia Redfield one share to be held by her and her children

In the event of the death of any of my children above named before my death the child or children will take the same as the parent would if living. Any personal property remaining after the payment of my debts and said special bequest will be divided in the same manner as the real estate or its proceeds.

All evidences of indebtedness which I may have at my death against my son Wm A. Craighead or son in law E. F. Redfield will be cancelled and held for nothing and the evidence thereof be delivered up to them if they so desire. the executor will take no account of the same as a part of my estate.

If during my life time I should acquire other lands either by exchange or purchase the same will fall to my Executor clothed with the same tract as above stated and to be divided in the same manner it being my intention to divide all of my estate and the same to pass to my Executor, except such as is herein devised to other parties.

I nominate and appoint W. Edgar Hoge my Executor of this my will and reposing confidence in his integrity and business capacity I expressly relieve him from giving bond with security and taking the oath directed by statutes. And believing it to be to the best interest of the legatees and divisors under my will that he have the full controll and management of the estate, I convey to him the legal title to the whole of the property owned by me at my death except such as is devised to him which shall hold and my wife with full authority to sell and make title to the same at all times exercising prudence and discretion in making sales for the best price attainable He may sell the personal property at public or private sale in the best manner possible always avoiding any unnecessary expense. he will be allowed a liberal compensation for his services.

My daughter Margaret M. died in Knox Co Tenn. without issue and is buried at a church called Lebanon in fork of French Broad and Holston Rivers. I desire that her grave be protected and cared for and if my Executor finds it necessary for this purpose he will use and apply a sufficient amount of the proceeds of my estate to enclose the grave and place a neat tombstone at it. Witness my hand this 8th day of April 1884

We the undersigned witness this will in the presence of and at the request of said T. G. Craighead the Testator in his presence and in the presence of each other this April 8th 1884

James S. Deakins
J. D. Payne
S A Key