Will of Robert Teague
[Will Book 1, pages 20-22 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

I Robert Teague of Marion County Tennessee being of sound mind and perfect memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me at any time made

First I direct that all my funeral expenses and just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible and of any money on hand at that time or that may first come into the hands of my Executors

Secondly I give and bequeath to each of my children as follows Elijah A twenty five cents to Joshua E. twenty twenty[sic] five cents Thomas N twenty five cents to Nancy E. Maxwell twenty five cents to Margaret C. Teague twenty five cents Sarah Ann Elizabeth and Cyntha Jane twenty five cents each to be paid to them out of my estate by my Executor
Thirdly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca Teague all the lands cash personal property household and kitchen furnature[sic] and every thing else of value of every description whatever to have and hold and enjoy the same that shall belong to me at my death to have the same free from the claim of all persons- that my said wife take possession of enjoy use dispose of &c with the same rights I would have to the same if I was living and she is not to give security to anyone or be liable in any way for rthe manor[sic] she may dispose of said property or any part thereof-

And if any of my estate real or personal shall be in her at her death which she shall not have disposed of for her maintainance[sic] or other purpose I give and bequeath the balance if any remains to any child or children that may hereafter be born to me by my present wife Rebecca- that may be living at her death- But in case there be no such child or children living at her death- in that case I give and bequeath all my estate of every description that may remain on hands at her death to such of her children as she shall by will or otherwise direct- to have the same. And In case she shall not sell use or dispose of and consume all my estate nor will it to anyone or none of her children- In that case I give and bequeath to her children by her former husband Elijah Hudson all my estate of every description that shall remain on hand to be divided equally share and share alike the children if any of her children that may be dead to have the share of their parents and In no event whatsoever do I want any of my children now born one cent more than Is herein given to them neither do I want them to attempt to break or disturb this will

First- Because I have disposed of my property and directed how I would appropriated as I think in a proper manner and according to strict Justice under all the circumstances

Secondly Because my three oldest and only sons have managed so as to obtain most of the property I have made up to this time- 3rd Because an arrangement is made whereby my three youngest daughters are to have at my death one half of the bottom tract of land of 120 acres lying at the mouth of Looney's Creek on which E A Teague now lives formally[sic] owned by Cal Anderson and having given Nancy E. Maxwell some property at her marriage what I consider her part- unless I shall be able to give her more during my life 4thly Because much the greatest portion of my property was brought me by my present wife Rebecca at our marriage and because the assistance offered me by my wife in raising my two youngest daughters imposes a burden on my wife and because I think it right that she should in case I die first have all her property and all my property and what we may make for her children if any left after supporting us until our death. And I want it expressly understood that none of my present children shall have one cent more of my property at my death than herein given to them because my sons acted toward me in relation to my property since my second marriage so as to defeat if they could all and every material right secured to my second wife by her marriage to me

In case I live longer than my present wife or if we die at the same time having no living child or children of our present marriage in that event I give and bequeath all my estate real or personal property of every kind and description to my wife's children by her former husband to be divided equally and in case any of them shall be dead that the children of those dead shall have the share of their father or mother

I nominate appoint and make my beloved wife Rebecca Teague Executrix of this my last will and testament reposing full confidence that she will carry it out properly and direct that she shall in no case be required to give security as Executrix of this will that she may carry out the same in such manner as she thinks proper without incurring liability to any person or persons either in law or equity in relation to the execution thereof.

And in case that my wife shall die before my death I appoint John Hudson her oldest son my Executor believing he will carry out the same according to my intention herein Expressed written on page 123&4 In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this May the 25th day one thousand eight hundred and fifty five

Robert Teague

Signed sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed the same as witnesses in the presence of the testator This 25th day May 1855

Jno T Read
J A Carroll
J H Connatser
J R Smith

State of Tennessee
Marion County

Personally appeared before me John L Minter clerk of the county court of said county John T Read J. M. Carroll subscribing witnesses to the attached will who being first duly sworn depose and say that they are personally acquainted with the within named Robert Teague the bargainor and that he acknowledged the same in our presence to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained
Witness my hand at office this 3rd day of June 1879

John L Minter clk