Will of G. L. Mitchell
[Will Book 1, pages 14, 15 (transcribed by David Johnson)]

In view of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of Death and feeling it a duty to my beloved wife and children that while in the full and unimpaired exercise of my mental faculties to make such disposition of my Property and worldly Effects as in my judgement be just and most Conducive to their interests

Therefore I Gilliam L. Mitchell in the fear of God do by these Presents make and Proclaim the following as my Last will and testament hereby making and setting aside all former wills.

1st first It is my will that after death has stricken this body down that such sum be appropriated and used out of my Effects as will be necessary to give my body appropriate funeral Rites and burial corresponding with my humble station in life and that the Place of burial be marked with a plain memorial slab or column of marble surrounded with a substain enclosure

2nd second That all just and Equitable debts that I may be owing be paid out of any moneys coming into the hands of my Executor

3rd Third I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Zilpha (who has cheerfully and sweetly born with me the trials and cares of Life) all my Estate both Personal and Real Embracing lands Personal Property notes Bonds or other Evidences of Debt to have and use the same for the benefit of herself and children in any way that in her judgement may be most conducive to their comfort and Education and I hereby appoint and constitute my said wife Zilpha as my Executor without Bond or security neither of which shall be Required in the Execution of this her trust during the Period of her widowhood she is to have full Power to Collect debts sue and be sued and in all things transact Business appertaining to my Estate in as free and full a manner as I could do myself if Living and apply any Proceeds as income to the Purchase of Real Estate for the benefit of my three children Rhoda E. Mitchell Prudence O. Mitchell and George L. Mitchell and Expend such sums in their Education as in her judgement may be Expedient

4th Fourth In the event my said wife wife[sic] Zilpha should marry then and in that event she shall enter into Bond with security as Guardian for my said three children Rhoda Prudence and George or see that a Guardian be appointed for them to take charge of that Portion of my estate Remaining unexpended in her hands except the one fourth Part which she may Retain for herself

5th fifth It is my will and I so direct that a Liberal amount of my Estate be applied to the Education of my three beloved children Rhoda Prudence and George

In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of Novenber 1875

G. L. Mitchell

Signed and Published in our Presence and we have subscribed our names in the Presence of the Testator November 3rd 1875

P. A. Mitchell
W. S. Griffith