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Marion County is located in East Tennessee, one of the state's three "grand divisions."
Marion County was formed in 1817 from land ceded by the Cherokee.

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Marion County History

First Settlers of Marion County, Tennessee

YearNameLand Location
1794David & Amos GriffithGriffith Creek
1806CondraMarion/Sequatchie Line
1807James RaulstonDoran Cove
1808Robert BeanSweedens Cove
1808David RankinRankins Cove
1811James DoranDoran Cove
1816David TateFiery Gizzard
1820John BibleGains Cove
1820Washington LaddLadd Cove
1820Mathew PryorPryor Cove
1826Josiah ThachTennessee River
1828Robert PattonSweedens Creek
1835Samuel RaulstonRaulston Cove
1838McDanielnear Shallmound

The above settlers and dates taken from Old Historical Map of Marion County, Tennessee. Only names with dates were listed above.

Map was restored by Nonie Webb ( See Books & Map section.

Early Church Records of Marion County, Tennessee

Sweedens Cove, Battle Creek & "The Gizzard" were among first areas inhabited in Marion County.

Sweeden's Cove Primitive Baptist Church
A beautiful photograph circa 1914 of this church and its members exists; the church is still standing in Sweeden's Cove. The information below is taken from the book by, and reproduced with the permission of:

Jerry Blevins
P.O. Box 4417
Huntsville, Alabama 35818

1821 Church Membership: Earliest date, other dates not listed here.

Beene, Samuel & Sally

Sarah Sr.; Patey; Robert; Martha & Owen R. Beene
Blevins, Elisha
Barnes, Jehu
Brownfield, B. & Mary
Cross, Elizabeth & Susannah
Dooley, Mathew & Mary
Dover, Patey (McBee) & Dicy
Eaves, Nancy
Ellison, Sarah
Ferguson (Furgason) Martha & William L.
Frog, Priscilla
Garner, Elizabeth
Gotcher, Henry
Greenlee, Elizabeth
Harris, Folley, Isabel, Mary, Rebecca & William.
Hargis, Rebecca & Thomas
Holley, James & Anna
Hays, Hanna
Johnson, George, Andrew R., & Teletha
Kelly, John & Thomas
Kiykendall, Sary
Long, Arthur & Jane
Ledford, Charles
Lad, Anna
Martin, Louis & Rosanah. Sarah, Urias & Kesiah
Maxwill, Thomas & Mary. Calvin & Milia
McBee, Samuel, William, Eleanor, Lydia, Mary, Patsey, Elizabeth, Jesse, Obediah,
Robert & Sarah.
McCoulter, Annis, Mary, & David
McMahan, Benjamin & Amelia & Eliza
Mullin, Anthony W. & W. W.
Martin, Rosanah
Piburn, Jacob & Mary
Prater, Mary
Ray, George
Rice, James
Roulston, Evander M.
Rogers, John B.Reeves, Sally
Rawlings, Lewis
Sanders, Francis & Mary
Selman, Benjamin & Sarah
Smith, John
Standridge, Alexander & Elizabeth
Tindle, John
Towry, John
Thompson, Frances
Whitehead, William
Winne, Mary
Williams, Hardin & Jane
Watson, Samuel & Ann
Witte, Sally
Womack, Abner, Isabella & Lucy

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Marion County Topography and Migration

Sequatchie County was formed from Bledsoe County and the 1st three districts of Marion County in 1854.

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Marion County Research Helps

Libraries with Genealogical Resources

  • Jasper Library
    Address:   14 West 2nd Street, Jasper, TN 37347
    Phone:   (423) 942-3369
    Contact:   Carolyn Stewart
    Hours:    Open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)
                    Closed Sunday and Thursday
    Special Notes:   All county records and newspapers on microfilm.

  • Orena Humphries Public Library
    Address:   900 Main Street, Whitwell, TN 37397
    Phone:   (423) 658-6134
    Contact:   Linda Powell
    Hours:    Open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)
                    Closed Sunday and Thursday
    Special Notes:   The county's main library for genealogical holdings: censuses,
                                family files, family and county histories.

  • South Pittsburgh Library
    Address:  208 Elm Street, South Pittsburgh, Tennessee
    Phone:   423-837-6513
    Contact:   ALICIA STEWART, Librarian
    Hours:   Mon.-Wed.-Fri. 8 am to 5 pm
                   Sat. 9am to 2 pm
                   Tuesdays 9 am to 7pm
    Special notes:   All Cemetery records; Childrens Story Time: Weds. 10 am

Census Information

  • Dates available on film:   1830 - 1920
  • Transcriptions:   All 1830 - 1920 in book form for Marion County

Land Grant Information

  • Transcriptions:   Deed books A, B, & C, dating 1819 - 1836; and Entry Takers' book, 1824 - 1830, Vol. I.

Genealogical and Historical Societies

  • Marion County Genealogical & Historical Group
    • Address:    6611 Old Dunlap Road, Whitwell, TN 37397
    • Phone:   (423) 658-5770
    • Contact:   Lloyd A. Tate, President
    • Annual individual membership amount:   $12.00
    • Meeting date/time/location:   2nd Saturday at 2:00 p.m., and 4th Thursday
                at 6:00 p.m. at the Whitwell Library.
    • Special Notes:  Quarterly publication, Searcher, included in dues.
                                Limited queries accepted from non-members.

Calendar of Genealogical Workshops

  • Event:   Working meeting
  • Location:   Whitwell Library
  • Date:   2nd Saturday each month at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Map Sources

  • Old Maps:   Historical Marion County Map (predates courthouse fires)
    Contact:   Nonie H. Webb, 3861 Shellmound Road, Jasper, TN 37347
    phone:   (423) 942-5486.


  • Jasper Journal
    Address:   Jasper, TN 37347
    Phone:   (423) 942-2433
    Fax:   (423) 942-8835
    Frequency of publication:   Once a week
    Years on film:   1938 - 1942 at Jasper Library

  • The Hustler
    Address:   South Pittsburgh, TN 37380
    Phone:   (423) 837-6312
    Fax:   (423) 837-8715
    Frequency of publication:   Once a week

Local Genealogy / History Authors

Euline Harris, 6611 Old Dunlap Road, Whitwell, TN 37397
  • Cemeteries of Marion County
  • Marion County Deed Book A
  • Marion County Deed Book B
  • Early Land Grants, 1824-1830, Vol I
  • History of Marion County Courthouse
  • Hicks Chapel School
  • Whitwell Scrapbook
  • Marion County Obituaries - 5 volumes
  • 1836 Marion County Tax List
  • Murder, Mayhem, and More
  • Civil War Tidbits
  • Marion County Births - 4 volumes
  • Marion County Marriages, 1881-1910
  • Marion County Marriages, 1911-1925

Lloyd A. Tate, 6861 Old Dunlap Road, Whitwell, TN 37397

  • Abstracts of Death Certificates, 1908-1919
  • Abstracts of Death Certificates, 1920-1925
  • 1920 Marion County Census, Vol. I
  • 1920 Marion County Census, Vol. II
  • 1862 Marion County, TN, Tax List
  • 1862 Putnam County, TN, Tax List
  • 1862 Overton County, TN, Tax List

Nonie Hlobil Webb, 3861 Shellmond Road, Jasper, TN 37347

  • History of Marion County, TN, 1772-1930
  • Old Mines and Miners of Marion County
  • Story of Ketner Mill
  • Hales Bar Lock & Dam History
  • Webb Families of Marion County
  • Hoge Family, (Kelly Family) & History of Marion County
  • History of Whitwell High School

Local Researchers

Euline Harris (limited)
Address: 6611 Old Dunlap Road, Whitwell, TN 37397
Area(s) of specialization: Marion County

Records Transcription Projects (ongoing)

Name of Project: Family Files
Description of Project: Indexing all surnames
Contact: Whitwell Library

Heritage Book Project

Marion County History Book
*Published 1990; order from Curtis-Media Publications

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Marion County Historic Sites of Interest

Ketner's Mill
Special Notes: Fair held every October

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My Ancestor Quest

Where did they migrate
Way back in their day,
What was their life like,
Where "next" did they stay?

When were they born,
Where now do they rest?
These family I follow,
Their life, is my quest.

As the "new lands" were opened
In droves, did they leave,
Family scattered like driftwood,
Leaving old ones to grieve.

What land were they fathered
What there did they see?
Were they somehow related,
To both you, and me?

Who were their life partners,
What names will I find?
Their children are many,
Were their faces like mine?

First names keep repeating
As surnames entwine,
With descendants so many
Which John will prove mine?

Each day, by the mail box
I hope, and I pray,
Someone with more knowledge
Will send answers my way.

Please Lord, send an Angel,
Give me proof, as I sort;
With birth dates, speculations,
And first names, "cut short".

Old maps, clips and photos,
I find, trade, and share,
All help solve this puzzle
With spaces left bare.

The lessons in history,
That now, I know well.
From guesses, to gospel,
For years, I did dwell.

Lost memories, so precious,
I find, now and then
At times real discouraged,
Then find faith again!

What hardships, achievements,
Adventures, and woe,
What joys, and true blessings,
Did "my people" know?

Family stories, so treasured,
Memories told, without doubt,
Old voices and faces,
From "our world", winked out.

Where last did they travel?
My ancestors,"true".
With each question answered
The quest starts anew.

by: Nonie Webb
August 17, 1997
Webb Family Reunion

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