The First Known Petition For Macon County, Tennessee

Dated 1834

The following list of names are those that appear on a petition requesting the formation of the county of Macon from that of Smith and Other Adjoining Counties in Tennessee. This petition was transcribed by Vernon Roddy in 1974 and is featured in it's entirety in the Macon County Historical Society Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue No. 3 printed in September 1985, from which this list is taken.
Adams, A.L.Driver, JoelHowell, Josiah Jr.Pipkin, Alexander
Adams, DanielDriver, PleasantHowell, RasmansPipkins, Isaac
Adams, John<Driver, Thomas Jr.Howell, Thomas J.Pipkin, Lewis
Adams, MathewDriver, Thomas Sr.Howell, William L.Pipkin, Samuel
Akers, MatthewDriver, TollHowell, WillieRagle, Abraham
Andars, DrewryDuffy, Francis (Hartsville)Howell, WilsonRead, Thomas
Anders, JohnEast, Andrew J.Hutcherson, ThomasRedman, Abraham
Barton, JohnEast, EzekelJones, JohnRedman, William
Blankinship, BarneyEast, JosephJones, Wm.Reid, Robert
Blankinship, IsaacEast, ThomasKing, PeterRiggs, Isaac M.
Blankinship, JohnFergersson, AlexanderLatimer,Robt.Roak, [Reub?]in, Jr.
Bohanon, DavidFerguson, WilliamLowry, BishopRoak, Asa
Bohanon, David Jr.Freeman, JamesLowry, John W.Roak, Daniel
Brandon, Wm. D.Freeman, RichardMacworter, GeorgeRoak, John
Bray, ThomasGammon, JamesMarsh, JohnRush, Joshua
Campbell, JosephGammon, LeviMarsh, WiliamSaundars, James
Chitwood, WilliamGarrett, RubenMeador, ChristopherScott, Willie
Cook, Henry M.Gum, JehuMeador, IraTeder, Daniel
Cook, James S.Gum, JohnMeador, Ira W.Temples, Wm.
Cooper, Dabney Esq.Gum, Moses M.Meador, JohnTurner, David
Cooper, Dabney Jr.Haines, A.L.Meador, LewisVanover, Henty
Cooper, FrancisHaines, FountainMeador, Pleasant G.Vaughn, William
Cooper, WilliamHanes, BurelMeador, SmithWallis, Jefferson
Creasy, EdmonHanes, William C.Meador, Thomas?Wallis, Thomas M.
Daviss, EuriahHargis, WilliamMeador, WelsonWallis, William
Daviss, JohnHarllan, Anderson W.Meador[?], M---[?]White, Isiah
Daviss, Wm.Harte, AronNash, WilliamWhyte, George
Dodson, Thomas J.Harte, Tho.New, JohnWhyte, Joseph
Donoho, James M.Harwood, Francis G.Newman, JosiahWhyte, Stephen Jr.
Dotson, JamesHarwood, Francis W.Pain, JohnstonWilkerson, Obey
Dotson, ThomasHolland, Asa Jr.Pain, PleasantWilkinson, P.A.
Driver, AllenHolland, HendersonParker, Allen G.York, James J.
Driver, AlvinHolland, JamesParker, Thomas M.York, Richard
Driver, Demcey Jr.Holland, JessePatterson, ChrisophurYork, Samel
Driver, DempseyHolland, WeslyPatterson, GeorgeYork, William C.
Driver, JacobHolland, WilliamPatterson, JamesYoung[?], A.D.
Driver, JesseHowell, EasonPatterson, Thomas
Driver, Jesse Sr.Howell, Josephus M.Pinkley, Sylars Esq.