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1890 Poll Tax 
The following is a transcription of an 1890 poll list from Loudon County.  It is from the papers of Maj. Luther Blackman available from the Tennessee State Archives. It was transcribed  from TSA film #620-2 "Luther Blackman Papers." Contributed by Janelle Swearingen.

Poll Book of the election held in the 19th District August 1890
[Those with "O" after the name were apparently those casting ballots]

1. J. C. Martin 
2. W. B. Martin 
3. W. T. Fillers 
4. W. P. Brown O 
5. J. M. Dugan O 
6. M. A. Reed O 
7. G. W. Payne 
8. Sam Graves
9. Tom Emery O 
10. T. L. Reed
11. W. B. Edwards O 
12. J. N. Reed 
13. L. H. Telly 
14. David Moss
15. Jno Dalton
16. J. N. Miller O 
17. E. D. Hitson
18. D. D. Dalton 
19. Z. T. Dalton O
20. W. E. McGragor
21. John Johnson
22. J. H. Peel
23. J. C. Payne
24. L. E. M. Payne
25. Ed Brannum
26. J. M. Graves
27. Calvin Dalton
28. A. T. Newman O
29. G. W. Graves O
30. Joseph Goares O
31. W. K. Reed
32. W. P. Camp O
33. Jacob Graves O
34. P. S. Biber O
35. W. B. Camp O
36. Marten Brannum
37. J. M. Dalton
38. H. B. Witt
39. J. N. McGrager
40. E. C. Kelley
41. N. K. Bonine
42. W. N. Lanly
43. Bob Cantrel
44. W. A. Brown O
45. G. M. Stone
46. W. F. Dalton O
47. H. F. Frenks
48. W. J. Witt
49. B. T. Ledford
50. A. B. Gorden
51. W. W. J ___
52. G. W. Murphy O [O is crossed out]
53. J. E. Dalton
54. Charles Smith O
55. James Hall O
56. M. T. Cantrell
57. M. J. Murphy
58. W. L. Cantrell
59. Wm. M. Foy
60. R. G. Sparling O
61. J. D. Cantrell O
62. F. M. Tate
63. James Irons
64. J. L. Tilly
65. Frank Powell
66. A. C. Berry
67. N. G. White
68. Jno Parks
69. K. L. Lenderman
70. Wm. Telly
71. N. K. Witt
72. Frank Niffer
73. J. H. Dalton
74. J. S. Kelley
75. Leroy Kelly
76. Wm. Colbert
77. Lum Roberts
78. Wm. Land
79. David Brannan
80. M. M. Witt
81. J. T. Tate
82. Geo Freeman 
83. David Freemen
84. J. C. Freeman O
85. J. J. Phlemins O
86. John Phlemins O
87. John Irons
88. L. M. Dalton
89. John Farrick
90. Isaac Tate
91. J. C. Carpenter
92. James Duggan O
93. D. C. Linderman
94. J. P. Brown
95. J. N. Brown
96. Larkin Webb O
97. Scat Linderman
98. James Smith
99. Clem Davis
100. B.F. Payne
101. Jno A. Miller O
102. Tony Hare O
103. J. F. Payne
104. C. M. Lemans 


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