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1870 Tax Records
Transcribed by Georgia Bristol

Many Thanks to Georgia for typing this information!!

Loudon Trustee Tax Books
Vol. 1870, 1873-1878
Roll # 170

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The tax records on this roll are out of order for the districts. The information appears here in the order that it appears on the roll of microfilm.

Format: Last Name, First Name; Number of Acres; Value of the Acreage

District 4

Monger, G.
Mourfield, J.C.; 857; $1800
Mourfield, M.
Myers, M.
Monger, Jethue &
John Matlock heirs; 150; $1400
McHee, W.T.H.; 50; $200
Miller, Felix
McCay, David
Morton, William
Murs, Edward
Moats, Andrew
Moore, W.C.
Monger, William; 150; $900
Minton, John; 200; $1000
McTeters, D.
Monsier, J.M.
Murry, Giles; 12; $200
Mourland, D. William
Nuchols, J.D.
Newman, C.
Nelson, A.
Nuchols, J.L.
Nuchols, J.
Owing, William
Owt, J.R.
Prater, H.G.; 559; $8500
Peater, J.M.; 580; $8500
Peater, B.; 550; $4000
Prater, J.J.; 347; $3000
Prater, J.J., Guardian of Price?; 300; $4000
Price, Eayer
Rider, W.R.
Ramsey, Shr.
Ramsey, W.L.
Reeves, John
Raby, George
Rather, W.P.; 300; $3000
Sartin, Ths.
Steward, Thos.
Steward, John
Shinpaugh, H.; 544; $5000
Shinpaugh, J.
Shinpaugh, S.B.
Shinpaugh, H.H.
Stalcup, Joseph
Spiver, William
Sandrs, William
Sonard, James
Settlers, Noah
Shersers, William
Soward, Henry; 6; $50
Spears, Dewey
Shinpaugh, Thos.; 219; $4,900
Shinpaugh, Joseph; 100; $700
Saffold, R.M.; 1800; $9000
Spears, George
Sander, W.B.
Turnbill, James
Thomasson, Jed; 200; $3500
Todd, L.C.
Thorf, F.
Watts, John
Watts, William; 160; $1500
Winton, J.C.; 176; $1310
Winton, J.C. & 
Bobby ?; 1224; $4300
Williams, Alfred
Williams, Jacob
Williams, William
Williams, W.H.
Williams, Martin
Word, L.E., Ex. Of Browder; 400; $7000
Warren, Jacob; 100; $1000
Withuson, W.H.; 200; $1600
Yarber, N.
Monger, S.H.; 200; $1700

District 5

Alexander, William M.
Anderson & Rhea; 6; $300
Anderson & Roberson Admin.
Anderson, R.R.
Aken, Thomas
Aken, S.T.
Blair, J.M. & Laura; 369; $4500
Blair, J.M.
Butter, G.W. / Bakers
Benton, M.S./Baker
Bacom, Arch
Benton, Mrs. L.E.
Brown, J.L.; 100; $1000
Blair, L.T.
Blair, Josiah; 343; $4000
Blair, Hugh; 860; $15,000
Bell, W.F.
Bacon, D.A.; 520; $4500
Bell, J.J.; 60; $500
Blair, J.S.; 233; $5000
Blair, J.T.H. B's ? ; 369; $4500
Blair, J.A.
Blair & Jones; 380; $10,000
Blair, Elizabeth
Beal, F.P.
Blount, J.J.
Burnet, Wm.
Baker, C.
Blair, Miss M.C.; 98; $2000
Browning, W.H.
Boyd, T.G.
Barren, J.J.
Cannon, William; 1395; $15,000
Curaton, R.M. & S.F.
Curaton, R.M.
Clark, J.N.
Curaton, L.F.
Cassady, W.H.
Coffin, S.T.; 128; $2000
Coffin, L.L. for Mrs. Engles
Carmichael, Margaret; 170; $3000
Clark, Leroy
Carrol, John
Carter, W.E.
Carter, Jackson; 100; $1000
Calloway, Thomas; - ; $1100
Cannon, J.O.
Crowder, R.P.
Conrad & Eaton; 200; $2200
Cook, Mrs. F.M.
Cleveland, Bass (Colored)
Cleveland, Sarah "
Cobble, J.A.
Davis, B.F.
Clark, J.P.
Davis, P.
Davis & Reed
Denton, G. H.
Dean, William
Duncan, Joseph
Edmon, William
Erskin, Lydia
Farten, Frank
Felts, Mrs. James
felts, Henry
Felts, F.M.
Felts, C.H.
Fisher, A.J.
Genkins, Hugh
Gorden, John; 180; $700
Gorden, Hugh
Graves, David
Gray, S.A.?
Glispee, David E.
Granberry, Martin (Colored)
Glispee, J. (Colored)
Harris, B.F.; 145; $2500
Harrison, J.J.
Harrison, J.J. Admin.
Harrison, D.F.
Hines, Joseph
Hoss, E.D.
Hambright, H.H.; 5; $600
Hambright, B.F.; 10; $500
Huff, William Y.; 360; $8000
Huff, J.M.
Huff, W.e.
Henderson, T. S.
Hurst, T.L.
Haskins, T.C.; 120; $500
Haskins, T.S. Guardian
Henry, H.
Henry, John H.
Hamelton, J.F.
Hoss, George (Colored)
Herskill, Richard
Hunt, Hezekiah
Hampton, R. A.
Johnson, J.M.
Jenning, J.L.
Julian, A.C.; 224; $5500
Jones, Rufus; 164; $4000
Johnston, J.A.; 523; $10,000
Johnston, James H.
Johnston, W. F.; 375; $2800
Johnston, W.F. Guardian; 80; $400
Johnston, J.L.; 420; $6000
Johnston, J.H. & J.L; 14; $500
Johnston, S.M.
Johnston & Bro.
Johnston, J.P.
Johnston, E.C.
Johnston, J.R.
Johnson, Levi
Johnston, Peggy & Sintha; 145; $850
Johnston, Hanah; ? ; $16,000
Johnston, M.R.
Julian, S??; 1; $100
Johnston, Jack; 1; $400
Johnston, Hanna; 1; $50
Julian, Walter
Johnston, L.F.
Kline, W.L.
Kline, J.L.; 402; $10,000
Lowery, Thomas
Low, A.B.
Lenoir, b.B.
Lenoir, Catherine; 1115?; $18,000
Lowery, J.L.
Lewis, John
Liles, S.M.
Lewis, thomas
Moody, J.D.
Mays, Mrs. Sue
Mason, Thomas J.; 300; $8000
Maroum, Phebe
Marney, Vance; 143; $2200
Mincy, Robert
Mincy, J.W.
Mahony, James
Mahony, Everett
Mahony, Areh
Mitchell, J.A.
Magill, L.H.
Magill & Denton
Martin, J.G.; 220; $4000
Marshall, D.J.
Mitchell, J.B.
Mincy, James; 4; $50
Myzel, J.S.
Merritt, L.
Murrell, W.F.
McCollister, Thomas
McEthany, James
McElhany, James ?
Milburn, Professor
May, J.P.
Moody, J.D.
McBride, William
McNeal, R.H.
Nelson, A.
Pickens, J.B.
Prater, J.J. & Simpson Heirs; 270; $5000
Pelly, Jackson
Porter, J.R.
Payne, J.B.
Parter, William
Pool, Blount
Rogers, S.A.; 6; $1500
Robinson, J.H.; 140; $2000
Rhea, A.D.
Russell, A.L.
Roberson, J.M.; 160; $1200
Reed, John
Roberson, James; 360; $2200
Roberson, M.; 160; $2200
Roberson, T.J.; 300; $3800
Robinson, E.D.; 440; $4000
Robinson, E.D. Guardian
Robinson, Mary; 160; $1600
Reese, Samuel; 266; $4500
Reynolds, S.D.
Ray, G.W.
Robinson, W.H.
Robinson, J.D.
Russell, Thomas
R.R. Co
Roadman, M.A.
Ragan, Esther (Colored)
Rice, Austin (Colored)
Russell, Thomas (Colored)
Reynolds, Perry
Russell, Henry C.
Roberson, Joseph Heirs; 240; $1800
Sams, J.H.; 55; $250
Silvester, Sarah
Simpson, W.A.
Smith, G.W.
Smith, N.E.
Smith, W.B.
Silvester, E.C.
Shelton, A.
Shafer, Mrtin C.
Sharratts, A.W.
Simpson, J.L.
Tipton, Q.A.
Thacker, J.L.; 60; $900
Thacker, William
Tucker, John
Tucker, George
Tippens, W.H.
Varner, David; 100; $500
Varner, John; 80; $400
Viar, J.C.
Wamble, J.W.
West, J.J.
Whitlock, N.W.
Waldens, Laura
Willson, Rufus; 128; $2000
Willson, J.H.
Walden, Henry A.
Ward, Charles
Wycuff, William
Wycuff, James
West, G.R.
West, ZR, Admin. E. West
Woods, J.F.

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