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This index lists people from - County who filed claims with the Southern Claims Commission from 1871 to 1873.  These Tennesseans claimed their property had been taken by United States military personnel for use in the Civil War.

The claim files include interesting detail about people and about the Civil War period in Tennessee.  Each claimant was required to describe his losses in detail, and to prove his loyalty to the Union.  Witnesses gave testimony in support of his allegations.  The paperwork in the files is often extensive.

All of the Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives, but the disallowed and barred claim files have been microfilmed and are also available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  Allowed claim files are available only by consulting the National archives.

This index is based on volume 55 of Record Group No. 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury, at the National Archives.  It is duplicated on National Archives microcopy M-87, reel 13.  The indication of whether the claim was allowed, disallowed, or barred is based on the book Southern loyalists in the Civil War : the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).

If you wish to order a copy of a barred or disallowed claim file, e-mail the Tennessee State Library and Archives  and request a price quote.  The cost will depend on the length of the file.

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Abel, George FG - found in geographical index 
but no file number found
Alexander, George A - Allowed
Alexander, Joseph M - Disallowed
Allen, Andrew - Allowed
Angell, Richard - Barred
Bacon, Dana A - Allowed
Ballard, Elizabeth E - Disallowed
Blair, Hugh E F, Laura I, & William W - Allowed
Blair, James, Estate of - Barred
Blair, William, Estate of - Allowed
Blankenship, Peyton - Allowed
Bowman, George, Estate - Disallowed
Bowman, James B - Disallowed
Bradshaw, Joseph C - Allowed
Bright, Bartlett - Allowed
Bright, James E - Disallowed
Brouder, John - Barred
Brown, Eli - Allowed
Brown, James C - Allowed
Brown, William - Barred
Burton, William P - Allowed
Bussull, William - Disallowed
Carden, Rufus M - Disallowed
Carmichael, Daniel L & James H - Disallowed
Casada, William H - Allowed
Clark, Eli S - Allowed
Cobb, Elbert S - Allowed
Coffin T T - Disallowed
Cozart, Abram W - Allowed
Crandall, Asa H - Disallowed
Crisp, James & Mahala - Allowed
Crisp, Joel - Allowed
Crox, Henry A - Allowed
Curtis, Isham L - Disallowed
Curtis, Joshua - Disallowed & Barred
Cuthbertson, Mary L - Disallowed
Davis, Charles T P - Allowed
Davis, Charles T P & Nancy P Davis - Disallowed
Davis, Nancy P - Allowed
Dawson, Joshua F - Disallowed
Dunn, Joseph W - Allowed
Eldridge, John H - Disallowed
Felts, James, Estate - Allowed
Fisher, William - Disallowed
Forister, Mary - Allowed
France, John - Allowed
Galyan, J P - Barred
Griffiths, George - Allowed
Griffiths, John - Allowed
Gryder, Joseph - Allowed
Hall, Jerry - Allowed
Hamilton, Robert N - Allowed
Hammer, Thomas C - Disallowed
Harrison, Benjamin T - Allowed
Harrison, James F, Estate - Allowed
Haskins, Thomas S - Allowed
Hays, Joshua O - Allowed
Henry, Samuel H - Barred
Henson, Henderson - Barred
Hooker, John - Allowed
Huffine, Benjamin - Disallowed
Hughes, Enoch M - Allowed
Ingram, David J - Disallowed
Jackson, John H - Allowed
Jacobs, Elizabeth
Jenkins, John - Allowed

Johnson, Lewis F - Allowed
Johnston,  Samuel M - Allowed
Johnston, Joseph A - Barred
Johnston, William F [Johnson] - Allowed
Jones, John D - Allowed
Jones, Joseph - Allowed
Jones, Joseph D - Disallowed
Jones, Redrick Yancy - Allowed
Jones, Rufus - Disallowed
Julian, Solomon - Allowed
Julian, William C - Allowed
Kiggins, William - Allowed
Kile, W W - Allowed
King, Stephen - Allowed
Kline, James A - Barred
Knox, James - Disallowed
Lane, Edward R - Allowed
Lane, J J, Estate of - Disallowed
Lane, J W - Allowed
Laughlin, Thomas, Estate - Allowed
Lee, Augustin B - Barred
Leeper, Saunders M - Allowed
Lenoir, Albert S, Estate of - Allowed
Lenoir, Catharine F - Barred
Lewis, Mary A - Disallowed & Allowed
Lewis, Susan K - Disallowed
Littleton, Mary E - Disallowed
Lowe, Joseph - found in geographical index 
but no file number found
Lowery, Daniel, Estate of - found in geographical index 
but no file number found
Mason, Thomas J - Allowed
Matthews, Joseph - Allowed
Matthews, Stephen - Allowed
Mayo, Blackmore H - Allowed
McCauly, Thomas, Estate - Allowed
McCroskey, Robert H. - Allowed
McGhee, Richmond - Allowed
Minton, John - Allowed
Moore, Charles - Disallowed
Mowery, Adam - Barred
Parker, Mary K - Barred
Phifer, John P - Allowed
Porter, Harvy H - Disallowed
Porter, Melvin - Allowed
Prater, James M, Estate of - Barred
Raisin, James H - Disallowed
Reno, William - Barred
Rhea, Matilda - Allowed
Rice, Austin, Jr - Allowed
Richesin, J W - Barred
Robertson, James - Allowed
Robinson, Elisha D - Allowed
Robinson, John W - Allowed
Robinson, Richard T - Allowed
Rose, Mitchell - Allowed
Russell, Thomas - Allowed
Schooler, Ananias - Disallowed
Simpson, Sanford C - Allowed
Sparks, A L - Barred
Thacker, James L - Barred
Thomason, Joel - Barred
Thomason, John Scott - Barred
Thompson, Harvy - Allowed
Thurston, Phineas - Barred
Tipton, John B - Allowed
Trew, Thomas H - Allowed
Tuck, Elizabeth - Barred
Varner, Daniel - Allowed
Walker, H O - Disallowed
Wayman, Charles - Allowed
West, John J - Allowed
Whitlock, Sherwood - Allowed
Williams, Elijah S - Barred
Wilson, John - Disallowed
Ycuff, William - Allowed

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