Census - 1880


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Column #1: Dwelling House Number in order of Visitation
Column #2: Families numbered in order of Visitation
Column #3: The Name of each Person whose place of abode on the 1st day of June 1880, was in this family
Column #4: Color -- White, W; Black, B; Mulatto, M; Chinese, C; Indian, I;
Column #5: Sex -- Male, M; Female, F;
Column #6: Age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880. If under one years, give months in fractions;
Column #7: If born within the Census year, give month.
Column #8: Relationship of each person to the head of the family -- whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other
Column #9: Single
Column #10: Married
Column #11: Widowed/Divorce, D
Column #12: Married during census year
Column #13: Profession, Occupation or Trade of each person, male or female
Column #14: Number of months person has been employed during the census year
Column #15: Is this person [on the day of the enumerator's visit] sick or temporarily disabled, so as to be able to attend ordinary business or duties?
Column #16: Blind
Column #17: Deaf and Dumb
Column #18: Idiot
Column #19: Insane
Column #20: Maimed, Crippled, bedridden or otherwise disabled.
Column #21: Attended school within the census year.
Column #22: Cannot read.
Column #23: Cannot write.
Column #24: Place of Birth of this person, naming State or Territory of United States, or the Country, if foreign birth.
Column #25: Place of Birth of the Father of this person, naming State or Territory of United States, or the Country, if foreign birth.
Column #26: Place of Birth of the Mother of this person, naming State or Territory of United States, or the Country, if foreign birth.


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Line  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26
1 19 19 Kelly, Joseph W M 63       X     Carpenter   One Leg                 TN VA TN
2     Kelly, Mary W F 63   Wife   X     Keeping House                   X TN TN NC
3     Kelly, Sarah C. W F 20   Daughter X       At Home                     TN TN TN
4     James, Rachel W F 67   Sister-in-law X       At Home                   X TN TN NC
5     Brewer, Milton K. W M 26   Son-in-law   X     Works on R. R.                   X TN TN TN
6     Brewer, Mary T. W F 22   Daughter   X     Keeping House                     TN TN TN
7     Brewer, Bessie G. W F 1 Month April Granddaughter X                             TN TN TN
8 20 20 Parshley, Martha S. W F 64         X   Keeping House             X       VA VA VA
9     Parshley, Elizabeth S. W F 32   Daughter X       Teaching School                     TN CT VA
10     Parshley, Mary V. W F 30   Daughter X       At Home                     TN CT VA
11 21 21 Phifer, John W M 61       X     Keeps Boarding House                 X X VA VA VA
12     Phifer, Susannah W F 39   Wife   X     Keeping House                     VA VA NC
13     Marrow, Isaac B M 40   Servant X       Servant                   X N N NC
14     Sorley, Rachel W F 23   Servant   X     Servant                 X X TN TN TN
15     Sorley, Lou W F 3   Boarder X                             TN TN TN
16 22 22 McKnight, Lou W F 28         X   Mill?                     TN N NC
17     Jones, Siddie L. W F 9   Daughter X                       X     TN TN TN
18 23 23 Mitchell, James C. W M 28         X   Saddler                     TN TN TN
19     Mitchell, James M. W M 7   Son X                       X     TN TN TN
20     Mitchell, Walter W M 3   Son X                             TN TN TN
21     Mitchell, Nillie W F 2   Daughter X                             TN TN TN
22     Mitchell, Mattie L. W F 3 Months Feb. Daughter X                             TN TN TN
23 24 24 Porter, Melvin W M 75       X     Farmer                   X NC NC NC
24     Porter, Candey W F 75   Wife   X     Keeping House                   X NC NC NC
25     Porter, Sebreze W F 35   Daughter X                             TN NC NC
26 25 25 North, Kinzie L. W M 42       X     Laborer                     TN TN TN
27     North, Anna C. W F 34   Wife   X     Keeping House                     GA GA NC
28     North, Annie A. W F 6   Daughter X                       X     GA TN GA
29 26 26 Osborn, Penelope L. W F 51         X   Keeping House                     NC NC TN
30     Osborn, Edward C. W M 21   Son X       Clerk in Store                     NC NC NC
31     Osborn, Clara ? W F 17   Daughter X       At School               X     NC NC NC
32     Osborn, Delia M. W F 15   Daughter X                       X     NC NC NC
33     Osborn, George R. W M 14   Son X       Works on Farm               X     NC NC NC
34     Osborn, Frank L. W M 11   Son X       At School               X     TN NC NC
35     Pentland, Thomas W M 31   Boarder X       M.D.                     GA NC TN
36 27 27 Lloyd, William ? W M ?       X     Carpenter                     VA VA VA
37     Lloyd, Francis A. W F 45   Wife   X     Keeping House                     VA VA VA
38     Lloyd, John K. W M 25   Son X       Minister of the Gospel                     VA VA VA
39     Lloyd, James H. W M 23   Son X       Farm                     VA VA VA
40     Lloyd, Martha W. W F 19   Daughter X       At Home                     VA VA VA
41     Lloyd, William ? W M 14   Son X       Laborer                     VA VA VA
42     Lloyd, David C. W M 11   Son X       Laborer                     VA VA VA
43     Lloyd, Sarah C. W F 10   Daughter X       At Home                     VA VA VA
44 27 28 Bumgarner, Leonard H. W M 29       X     Blacksmith                     NC NC NC
45     Bumgarner, Mary J. W F 22   Wife   X     Keeping House                     VA VA VA
46     Bumgarner, John E. W M 7   Son X       At School                     VA NC VA
47     Bumgarner, Lula A. W F 3   Daughter X                             TN NC VA
48 28 29 Grimes, Mary J. W F 43         X   Keeping House                     TN TN NC
49     Grimes, John W M 19   Son X       Laborer                     TN TN TN
50     Brewer, Sarah W F 72   Mother     X                         NC NC NC

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