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Lenoir Family Private Cemetery

Lenoir Family Cemetery


Submitted by Janet Franklin

Photo and Updates by Charles Dial

Gravestone photos by Corinna Castor


Lenoir Family Private Cemetery
Located on C. Street, between Broadway and First Avenue, Lenoir City, Tennessee. Adjacent to the Calvary Baptist Church Annex. The Lenoir Family were the Founders of Lenoir City, Tenn. and this cemetery is a very interesting and Historical spot. Copied by Richard Flahr, Lenoir City, Tenn July 12, 1937. Updated Jan 25, 2001 by Charlie Dial
Updated October 2005 by Corinna Castor - click on link to see gravestone Burdett George Madre Burdett Eliza Hume Lenoir Married June 17, 1873 Jan. 5, 1838----June 1, 1852 Nov 5, 1915 Enlisted in C. S. A. 1861. Co. D. 15th Ga. Served 4 years as surgeon Mary Lousa Infant dau of G. M. & E. H. Burdett Born Oct 30, 1880 Died Nov. 29, 1880 Lora Dau. of G. M & E. H. Burdett Born July 16, 1891 Died Nov. 15, 1891 Infant Son of G. M. & E. H. Burdett Born and Died May 6, 1875 Lois Dau of G. M. & E. H. Burdett Born July 16, 1891 Died Nov. 11, 1891 Lawrence Son of G. M. & E. H. Burdett Born July 16, 1891 Died Aug. 10, 1891 Margaret Dau of G. M. & E. H. Burdett Born Apr. 8, 1884 Died Mar. 24, 1885 Lenoir Infant Dau. of W. A. & L. J. Lenoir Born and Died May 15, 1851 James Avery Son of W. A. & L. J. Lenoir Born Oct. 29, 1855 Died May 29, 1856 William Lenoir Born Jan. 20, 1813 Died June 16, 1878 Israel Pickens Lenoir Born Sept. 21, 1824 Died Dec. 21, 1876 Isabella Jane Wife of W. A. Lenoir Born May 6, 1828 Died Aug. 20, 1857 Waightstill Avery Lenoir Born Jan 19, 1815 Died Mar. 6, 1884 Louisa Dau. of W. A. Lenoir Wife of J. W. Norwood Born Jan. 1, 1854 Died Feb. 21, 1882 Julia Ann Campbell Dau. of W. F. & E. C.. Lenoir Born Sept. 6, 1842 Died May 22, 1848 John Albert Son of W. F. & E. C. Lenoir Born Nov. 11, 1849 Died Feb. 26, 1855 Frank Son of W. F. and H. O. Lenoir Born Feb. 23, 1860 Died Nov. 12, 1861 Rosie Dau. of W. F. & H. O. Lenoir Born June 16, 1862 Died Dec. 12, 1862 Ernest Son of W. F. & H. O. Lenoir Born Nov. 19, 1865 Died Jan. 30, 1867 W. F. Lenoir Born Nov. 21, 1816 Died Sept 1, 1878 Blessed are the dead Who die in the Lord Harriette Osborne Wife of W. F. Lenoir Born Dec. 11, 1830 Died May 21, 1907 William B. Lenoir Son of Gen. Wm. Lenoir of N.C. Born in Wilkes Co., Sept. 1, 1775 Removed to his late residence in Roane Co., in 1810, Where he resided until his Death with hasty summons called him to a home in heaven the 14, of Dec. 1852 He lived and died a "Christian" Elizabeth Avery Wife of W. B. Lenoir Born ----1781 Died Aug. 20, 1855 Elizabeth Campbell Wife of Walter F. Lenoir and Daughter of T. C. & M. Goddard Born Apr. 2, 1821 Died Jan. 10, 1855 A zealous christian most devoted wife, and kind mother. Infant Son of J. H. & M. A. Reagan Died Feb. 19, 1859 Samuel Hogg Son of Isaac T. & M. G. Lenoir Born Dec. 27, 1850 Died of scarlet fever May 19, 1854 Margaret Virginia Siler Born Dec. 15, 1841 Died Oct. 30, 1910 Married Dr. B. B. Lenoir May 14, 1872 Dr. Benjamin Ballard Lenoir Born Mar. 5, 1821 Died Mar. 13, 1905 Henrietta Rutledge Dau. of Dr. J. G. & M. V. Ramsey Wife of Dr. B. B. Lenoir Born Dec. 27, 1833 Died May 25, 1864 In Memory of James Ramsey Son of Dr. B.B. & I. H. Lenoir Born Aug. 26, 1859 Died Oct. 9, 1863 In Memory of Charlie Barton Son of Dr. B. B. & I. H. Lenoir Born Dec. 9, 1861 Died Oct. 9, 1863 John Siler Lenoir Born. Aug. 11, 1874 Died Jan. 15, 1891 Son of Dr. B. B. & M. V. Lenoir Infant Daughter of Dr. B. B. & M. V. Lenoir Born and Died July 1, 1873 Ramsey Weightstill Avery Ramsey Born Jan. 3, 1833 Died Aug. 3, 1866 Infant Daughter of Thos. I. & Amelia B. Ramsey Died Aug. 12, 1872 Age 1 day McNeely Thomas Chalmers McNeely Apr. 6, 1867----Mar. 5, 1911 An example of Charity 1 Cor. V. 111 s/s Louise Norwood Mc Neely Nov 10, 1876 - June 19, 1966 Faugette Sagred to the memory "of" Mary Norwood Wife of Capt. E. W. Faugette Born at Hillsboro, N.C June 19, 1841 Died at Mountain City, Tennessee Oct. 25, 1896 A dutiful daughter, An affectionate sister, remarkably kind and indulgent mother, a most faithful and loving wife, A truly devoted and throughly consecrated Christian Asleep in Jesus Norwood Joseph Caldwell Born Sept. 12, 1813 Died July 20, 1890 Norwood Laura Carline "Wife of" Joseph C. Norwood And Daughter of Col. Thomas Lenoir Born June 6, 1815 Died Feb. 3, 1894 A devoted Christian wife and mother. The righteous shall shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father Thomas Lenoir Norwood Born June 17, 1845 Died July 28, 1888 Selena Louisa Norwood Born Mar. 27, 1837 Died Sept 5, 1887 He giveth His beloved sleep. Fannie Corpening 18__ - 1901 Norwood, Avery Lenoir 1878 - 1939 s/o James W & Louise Lenoir Norwood Annie Cleves Myers 1879 - 1958 w/o Avery Lenoir Norwood Emily T. Norwood Feb 10, 1909 - Sept 30, 1970 Emily Meyers Sept 27, 1884 - Feb 13, 1970 Ann Avery Norwood Bailey Nov 23, 1907 - June 7, 1989 James Webb Norwood 1847 - 1921 s/o Joseph C. & Laura C. Norwood Avery Lenoir Norwood Jr Apr 8, 1911 - Jan 16, 2000 s/s Margaret Jones Norwood May 7, 1916 - May 14, 1999




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