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Bussell Cemetery

  Submitted by Kay Shaw


Bussell Cemetery
The Bussell Cemetery is 2 miles east of Lenoir City at Bussell Town, turn to left at Pickel Store and a half mile, and the Cemetery is owned by Mr. J. W. Bussell, Rs., but the land around the Cemetery is owned by Mr. Joe Williams. Mr. Bussell has a right of way to the Cemetery. There are 50 unmarked graves. Copied by Richard Flohr, Lenoir City, Tenn. January 25, 1938. Rumage In Memory of Mary C. Britton Jas. Rumage Born May 20, 1885 Born Sept. 3, 1845 Died Aug. 20, 1902 Died Feb. 29, 1908 Erected by his Grand Joseph H. Britton Den. Lola. Born Dec. 25, 1860 Died Mar. 4, 1904 Pugh Thomas L. Pugh Eliza Isabell Britton Born Mar. 30, 1904 Born May 24, 1889 Died Feb. 24, 1905 Died Aug. 27, 1900 Samuel A. Pugh Mizell Born Jan. 5, 1900 William L. Mizell Died Jan. 7, 1900 Born Aug. 17, 1851 Died June 15, 1900 Stinnett Magnolia, Gau. Of Sarah Mizell Mike & Lucinda Stinnett. Born Oct. 1, 1830 Born Mar. 11, 1879 Died Apr. 10, 1885 Died May 9, 1896 Gone, but not forgotten. A. F. Mizell Dates obliterated. Will Son of Mike & Lucinda Stinnett J. F. Mizell Born Nov. 24, 1875 Dates Obliterated Died May 16, 1905 Gone, but not forgotten. G. V. Mizell Dates Obliterated Britton John Albert Britton Williams Born July 30, 1894 Mary Bell, Dau. of Died Mar. 15, 1895 J. H. & H. J. Williams Born Mar. 21, 1881 Died Apr. 24, 1881 Age 3 days. Viola H., Dau. of Williams J.H. & H.J. Williams Lieut. Joel Williams Born Sept 7, 1869 Co. M. S. ' Y. Sub Died June 27, 1870 13th Tenn. Cav. Age 9 mos. 20 days Dates obliterated Samuel G. Williams Nancy, Wife of Born Nov. 9, 1795 J. H. Williams Died Apr. 19, 1868 Born Aug. 25, 1837 Age 73 yrs. 5 mos. 10 days Died Mar. 20, 1888 Age 50 years. 6 mos. In Memory of Emily Williams Albert Lowell Williams Consort of S.C. Williams Died Oct. 15, 1935 Departed This Life June 21, 1829 L. J. Williams Age about 23 years June 8, 1835 Jan. 7, 1897 Bussell Gone, but not forgotten J. W. Bussell Born Dec. 6, 1790 Covington Died July 25, 18867 Mary Covington Nov. 25, 1842 In Memory of Nov. 2, 1907 Elley Bussell Born Feb. 14, 1791 Died Nov. 17, 1845 Age 53 yrs. 9 months In Memory of Rial A. Bussell Born Mar. 12, 1832 Died Mar. 30, 1853 Age 21 years 8 days In memory of Virginia Bussell Born June 13, 1829 Died Sept. 28, 1856 Age 27 yrs. 3 mos. 15 days



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