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Company C, Clack's 3rd Infantry Regiment Page 


Company C, Third Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Clack's)
Robert T. Cooper Captain
J.A. Dailey Captain
S.A. Dayle Captain
James A. Doyle Captain
Daniel F. Wade Captain
Peter F. Fite Corporal
Daniel P. Garrett Corporal
James H. Hamrick Corporal
William A. Kittrell Corporal
William Sisco Corporal
A.G. Strickland Corporal
Abel J. Strickland Corporal
A. B. Westbrook Corporal
William J. Harder First Lieutenant
Johnson Long First Lieutenant
James D. Moss First Lieutenant
John D. Lawhorn First Sergeant
Samuel K. Johnston Second Lieutenant
Robert M. Plumner Second Lieutenant
C.F. Bain Sergeant
B.F. Barnes Sergeant
C.Fletcher Barnes Sergeant
H. Marshall Barnes Sergeant
M.H. Barnes Sergeant
James D. Flanagan Sergeant
John W. D. Hensley Sergeant
John W. Howsley Sergeant
J. Fountain Ingram Sergeant
John Kensley Sergeant
George P. Aydelotte Private
J.G. Bar Private
R.W. Barner Private
Luther L. Barnes Private
J.W. Barnett Private
S.S. Barns Private
Isaac Barr Private
- Bartley Private
Alexander Baugus Private
Valentine Bell Private
William Bell Private
John W. Benderman Private
George Blackwood Private
James Bledsoe Private
B.W. Bond Private
Dan Brennan Private
Robert W. Brewer Private
Royal W. Brewer Private
W. Burgett Private
Caleb Burkett Private
William M. Bynum Private
J.C. Callans Private
Andrew J. Campbell Private
A.C. Clunton Private
John C. Collins Private
George H. Conder Private
H. L. Conder Private
John W. Conder Private
Martin L. Conder Private
W. J. Conder Private
John Condon Private
John H. Cooper Private
Leander B. Cooper Private
Samuel G. Cooper Private
T.M. Cooper Private
Anderson Copeland Private
John B. Craig Private
Jefferson Cunningham Private
John Datson Private
G.F.M. Davis Private
Moses M. Dean Private
Noah M. Dean Private
John Dean Private
Moses L. Dean, Jr. Private
John G. B. Deen Private
J.G.B. Deen Private
J. C. Dobbs Private
John Dotson Private
Isaac Duke Private
John Dunn Private
J.J. Edwards Private
George W. Fisher Private
James Fitch Private
William F. Fite Private
James Fitzch Private
James Gannon Private
Patrick Gannon Private
Henry D. Gentry Private
John H. George Private
James M. Gilmore Private
Rufus T. Goodloe Private
Charles H. Goodman Private
William E. Goodman Private
Jonathan Gordon Private
John J. Granberry Private
J.P. Grimes Private
Samuel W. Grimes Private
Henry Grinder Private
James C. Grinder Private
William Grinder Private
J. Gully Private
Fleming Guthrie Private
William Head Private
T.B. Helton Private
John B. Hender Private
John S. Henley Private
P.S. Henley Private
Arthur S. Hensley Private
J.P. Henson Private
William Hickerson Private
Thomas B. Hilton Private
James F. Hinson Private
James P. Hinson Private
Joseph C. Howard Private
William Howard Private
M. Howell Private
James B. Hunter Private
Green Ingram Private
J.G. Ingram Private
H.D. Jentry Private
Larry Keaton Private
George W. Kelley Private
William L. Kennedy Private
J.P. Keutch Private
E.A. King Private
Robert King Private
J.P. Koutch Private
A.B. Langford Private
Napoleon Langford Private
William Langford Private
Thomas H. Langley Private
Albert Long Private
Henry Long Private
William H. Mathis Private
J.W. Miller Private
Edward T. Morris Private
Thomas G. Moss Private
Rudolph R. Napier Private
William D. Nelson Private
R.J. Parker Private
Francis M. Peevihouse Private
Jasper M. Peevihouse Private
William P. Peevihouse Private
Thomas S. Pickard Private
Y.S. Pickard Private
A.G. Pitts Private
Bennett L. Pope Private
J.T. Pope Private
John Porter Private
William O. Proctor Private
William Quillen Private
James F.G. Sharp Private
G.G. Sharpe Private
J.F. Shaste Private
James W. Simms Private
J.W. Sims Private
James Smith Private
Martin Smith Private
Mastin Smith Private
Brantley J. Strickland Private
D.J. Strickland Private
N.A. Thompson Private
William H. Tune Private
George Turnbow Private
James A. Turnbow Private
George Vincent Private
John Vincent Private
Samuel Watkins Private
William Weaver Private
Jasper N. Westbrook Private
D.C. Campbell  
James Giddings  
James Goly  
W.T. Snitler  
Jesse Turner  
David Wilkes  

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