Lewis Co, TN:
Lewis Co & Perry Co, TN Burial Association

Today this association is known as The Hickman County Burial Association.  Although no full date of birth is given on these assessments, it would help you to zero in on the year or even narrow down which quarter of that year that a person died.  

The following was transcribed by Brenda Carroll of Dyer, TN, from the original newspaper clippings. 

September 9, 1957                                                                Assessment No. 32

Hohenwald Tennessee Linden

This assessment is made on account of the death of the members listed below. The last assessment was dated June 12, 1957.

Mr. Columbus B. JAMES,   Centerville, Tennessee
Mr. Leslie W. LOVELL,   Duck River, Tennessee
Mr. Tom GRAHAM,   Linden, Tennessee
Mr. Spencer A. HINSON,   Medina, Tennessee
Mr. Andrew M. JOHNSON,   Centerville, Tennessee
Mr. Glen W. LEEPER,   Beardstown, Tennessee
Mr. Harty W. WARREN,   Lobelville, Tennessee
Mr. William Moody GARNER,   Centerville, Tennessee
Mr. William C. PATTON,   Hohenwald, Tennessee, Rural Route
Mr. Olanda Pierce DUNCAN,   Hohenwald, Tennessee
Mr. Richard Cleveland HUTCHENSON,   Centerville, Tennessee
Mr. Leota D. DePRIEST,   Linden, Tennessee
Mr. Charlie Beal ARNOLD,   Duck River, Tennessee
Mr. Thomas Jones PETWAY, Jr.,   Hohenwald, Tennessee
Mr. Rex BATES,   Hohenwald, Tennessee
Mrs. A. H. HICKERSON,   Nashville, Tennessee
Mr. Benjamin CHILDRESS,   Linden, Tennessee
Mr. Malcolm BURNS,   Phoenix, Arizona
Mr. John Chesley BARBER,   Linden, Tennessee, Route 4
Mrs. Jennie H. SANDERS,   Linden, Tennessee
Mrs. Sophia HICKERSON,   Linden, Tennessee
Mr. William T. ROBERTS,   Linden, Tennessee
Mrs. Ola J. KITTRELL,   Linden, Tennessee
Mrs. Mollie M. HALBROOKS,   Linden, Tennessee
Mr. John M. STOCKARD,  Hohenwald, Tennessee
Mrs. Mary BURNS,   Hohenwald, Tennessee, Route 3
Mr. James O. KIDD,   Hohenwald, Tennessee

Dear members:
Thanks to each of you for your payment of the last assessment. Your promptness in paying is always appreciated. The expiration of this grace period will be October 9, 1957.  Check the fees you are paying on your children to be sure you are paying in accordance with their age and remember you are permitted to pay 25 cents for your child for the full $100.00 protection if you so desire.

Mrs. R. E. Skelton, Sec.-Treas.

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