1850 Census Index of
Lewis Co, TN

This is the Index from 1850 Census of Lewis Co, TN.   It was transcribed by Cheryl Zelek on 18 April 2000 from the Census of Lewis Co, TN.   These page numbers refer to the STAMPED page numbers.   The "A" is the stamped page and the "B" is the page that follows the stamped page.   I eventually hope to get the entire census transcribed and posted.   I will look up individual people.    You must give me the head of household's full name.   Limit one name per request.  These will be looked up as time permits- it may be a day or two before I get back to you.    Thanks so much for your understanding.


AKIN 389B-414B-419B-420A-420B-421B-422B-430A-430B, ALLISON 395B-407B-419B, ALSEBROOK 432A, ANDERSON 391A-308B, ARNOLD 432A, AUSTIN 402B-403A, AYRES 405B

BAILEY 423A-425A-431B, BAKER 393B-401B-403A-412B, BALCH 419A-419B, BALL 404A-424A, BALLARD 411B, BARNES 427B-428A, BARNET 406A, BARNETT 420A, BARR 424A, BATES 398B, BAXTER 411B, BEALES 389B, BEARD 418A, BEATY 400A, BELL 405B-406B-416B-429B, BERCHEAN 397A, BICKHAM 423B-424A-425A-426B, BIFFLE 416A, BINGHAM 414A-430B-431A, BISHOP 427A, BLACKBURN 392A-413A-413B-414A-416A-418B, BLACKWOOD 431B, BOGGUS 422B-426A, BOSHIER 403B, BOSHIERS 403B, BOYCE 395A, BOYD 411B, BRADFORD 404A-407B, BRADSHAW 426A, BRANCH 400A, BRANDON 414B, BRASHER 390A, BREWER 392A-394A-399A-401A, BRIDGFORTH 412B, BRILEY 391A, BRINCKLEY 406A, BROCK 399B, BROWN 389B-390B-402B-405A-409A-409B-410B, BRYANT 406B, BUCKNER 406B-432A, BULLOCK 412B, BYRUM 430B

CAMPBELL 395A-395B-396A-420A-429A-430B, CARROLL 395B, CARTER 402B-403B-404A-404B, CASH 395A-395B, CATES 418A-427B, CATHEY 410A-410B-412A-429B-430B, CAVENDER 410A-412A-412B-421B, CECIL 428A, CHALK 393A-395B-407A-407B-413B, CHAMBERS 416A-416B-429B-432B, CHURCHWELL 393B-399A-401B, CLAYTON 392B-394B, CLENDENEN 405B, CODY 402A, COLEMAN 431A, COLLIER 391B, CONDOR 408A, COOK 408A-4098B-410A, COOPER 390B-422A-422B-426A, COX 422A-427B, CRAIG 423A, CRAWFORD 412B, CRESSUP 396A-396B, CROWDER 413A, CROWEL 409A, CROWELL 398B-400B-401A, CURRY 398A-415A-428A-429A-429B-430A

DABBS 398B-399A-401A-401B, DALE 412B, DANIEL 398A, DAVIDSON 397B-402A, DAVIS 390B-402A-407B-418B-429B, DICKEY 413A, DICKSON 416B-423B-425B, DICUS 411A-413B-416B, DONALDSON 419B, DOOLEY 390B, DOTSON 394A-426A, DOTTSON 394A, DOUGLASS 393B, DOYLE 395B, DUKE 427B-428B, DUNCAN 397B, DURHAM 389B-406B-422B-424A-424B, DYCUS 391A-391B-405A

EASLEY 428B, EDMISTON 389A, EDWARDS 410A, ELLIS 425B, EMLER 411B, ENGLISH 410A-429A-431A-432A, EPHLAND 425A, EPPS 417A, ERWIN 409B-410A-411B-412A-423B

FARISS 409B-411A-411B-413B-415A-415B-420A-420B-421A-428B, FARLESS 399B, FARRAR 393B, FINDLEY 408A, FINLEY 406B, FITE 389B-399A, FLANIGAN 389A, FLOWERS 419B-420B, FLOYD 400B-403A, FOSTER 407A-412B, FRANKUM 400B-428B

GAINS 416B, GALLOWAY 394A, GARNER 416B-428A, GARRETT 396A-396B, GIBBS 404B, GIBSON 425A-425B-428B-431B-432A, GILL 414B, GILMORE 405B-406A, GIVENS 397A, GLASS 428A-428B, GLOSSIN 425B, GOODMAN 397A-397B-398A-398B-401A-428B-429A-430B, GOODWIN 397B, GORDON 427A-427B, GOSVIN 420B, GRAHAM 403B-417A, GRAY 420B-431B, GREEN 396B-411A, GREENAWAY 404A, GRIMES 420B-422B-423A-428A-431B-432A-432B, GRIMMETT 408A-414B, GRINDER 390A-400B, GUTTRY 414A-415B

HALBROOK 396B, HALE 389B, HALEY 400A-400B, HALL 391B-392A, HAM 400B, HAMBRICK 401A, ARBERSON 418B, HARDER 396A, HARDING 413B, HARLOW 408B-413A, HARRIS 406A-407B-429A, HART 410B-411A, HASTINGS 419B, HELM 397B, HENDERSON 402B, HENLY 431A, HENSLEY 390A-391A-391B-392A-393A-393B-398A, HIGGINS 397B, HIGHT 420A, HILL 415B, HINES 429A-429B-430A, HINSON 397A-398B, HOBSON 419A, HOGE 428A, HOLMES 425B, HOLTSHOUSER 415B, HORSEFORD 400A-400B, HOUVER 408B-409A, HOWARD 417B, HOWEL 413A, HUDSON 389A-389B-397A-405A-423B-425B-426A, HUNTER 425B, HYNES 406A

IRWIN 425A, ISOM 410B-414A, IVENS 427B

JARNIGAN 393B, JENNINGS 425B, JINNINGS 404A, JOHNS 419A, JOHNSON 414B-418B, JOHNSTON 391A-392A-393A-394A-394B-395B-404B-405A-406A-418B-432B-433A, JONES 410B-417B-418B-425A, JULIAN 418B

KEELING 399A-399B, KELLEY 410B, KELLY 407A, KENNEDY 408B-409B, KILMORE 421B-422A, KINCAID 392A-392B, KINDRICK 410B, KING 394B-424A, KINGSTON 408A, KINZOR 412A, KIRK 394B-403A-413B-415B, KIRKPATRICK 415B-416A, KITTRILL 408A, KNOWLEN 412B-420B-422A, KOONCE 424B

LANGLEY 391B-426B, LANKFORD 395B, LANGLEY 391B-426B, LASLEY 427A-427B, LATTIMORE 409B, LAUDERDALE 422B, LAWHORN 425B, LAYTON 401B-402A, LEFTWICH 419A, LEIGH 414B, LENTZ 390A-390B-398B-399A-399B, LEWIS 392B-402B-403A-405A, LINDSAY 402B, LISLE 430B, LOFLIN 429B, LONG 405A-420A-426B-427A, LOVE 410A-410B-411A, LUMPKIN 400A, LUNN 413A, LUSK 417A-417B, LYONS 405B

MAJORS 429A, MALONE 412A-415A, MARINE 415A, MARTIN 420A, MATTHEWS 397A, MAXWELL 420A-421A, MAYFIELD 392B-396B-397A, McCLAIN 425B, McCLANAHAN 419B-421A, McCLURE 423A, McCORD 389A, McDONALD 419B, McKANNON 419A, McKEEL 394A, McMACKIN 421B, McMURRAY 423A, MILICAN 422B, MILLER 389A, MITCHELL 422B-423B-428A, MOORE 415A-415B-419A-432B, MORGAN 410B, MORRIS 396A, MORRISON 408B, MORROW 404B-425A, MOSES 400A, MULLEN 410A

NANCE 394B-432B, NEELEY 406A-406B-409B-415A-430B, NICHOL 389A-432B, NIXON 432B, NOBLETT 398A, NOLES 417A, NORMAN 398A, NOWLEN 428B-431B

OLIPHANT 414B-415A, OLIVER 418A, OLLIVER 418A, ONEAL 396B-398B, ORMOND 397A, OWEN 426B-428A, OWENS 404B-410B

PACE 396A-396B, PARISH 428A, PARKER 419A, PATTON 389B-409B-417B-418A, PAYTON 416B-417B, PEARSON 403B, PEEBLES 393A, PEERY 409A-413A-413B, PEGRAM 431A-431B, PENTICOST 419A, PERDEW 405A-427A, PERKINS 432B, PICKARD 404A-418B-423B-424B-426A-426B-427B, PILLOW 406A-419A, PLUMMER 394B, POGUE 419A-420A-421A-421B, POLLOCK 389B-391A, POPE 401A-402A-402B-406A, PORTER 414A-414B-418A, PREWETT 400A, PREWITT 408B, PRIOR 422B, PUGH 413A-414A, PURSLEY 398A


RACKLEY 419B, RAINS 414A-419B-420A-421B, RALSTON 407B, RAMSEY 429B, RAVEN 419A, RAWSON 398A, RAY 389B-424A-425B, REAVIS 420A, REED 390B-419A, REEVES 401B, REGION 409A-428A, RENFRO 394A-396B, RHOADS 394B, RICKETS 389A, RICKETTS 418A, RIDDLE 390B, RIDLEY 423B, ROBINSON 417A-424A, ROSE 418B, ROSS 409A-410B, RUNYAN 406B-413A, RUTLEDGE 404A-405A-405B

SANFORD 399B-400A, SCOTT 408B-409B-411A, SELF 426B, SELLARS 405A-415B, SESSOMS 408A-412B-413A, SHANON 430B, SHARP 391B-392A-392B-393A-395A-396A-398B-413A, SHAW 401B-424B-431B-432A, SHELBY 407A, SHEPHERD 402B-403B-404B-427B, SHIPP 389B, SHULL 423A-423B, SIMS 392B-423B, SKIPPER 410B, SMITH 389A-390B-395A-410B-412A-412B-417B- 421A-422A-426A-427A-433A, SPENCER 394B, SPENSE 416B, SPRINKEL 406A, STALLINGS 412A, STEVENSON 431A, STEWART 405B, STOCKARD 425B, STONE 431A, STORY 391A, STRAYHORN 414B, STRONG 409B, STUBBINS 418B, SULLIVAN 401B-419A

TAIT 391A-412A, TAITUM 410A, TARRANT 391B-395A, TATUM 400A-400B, TAULLY 407B-408A, TERRELL 414B, THEVENOT 418B, THOMPSON 421B-423A-426B, THORP 393B, TITCOMB 414B, TOMBS 393A-422B, TOOTEN 403B-404B, TRANTHAM 399A-400A, TREADWAY 418A, TROUSDALE 389B, TUNE 425B, TURNBO 399B-400A, TURNER 390A-400B, TYLER 418B

VENABLE 397A, VINCENT 392B-404A-420A

WALKER 397A-428B-429B-430A, WARREN 396B, WATSON 400A, WEAVER 403B-404A-404B-424B-425A, WEBB 396A, WEEKFALL 414B, WELLS 411A-418B, WESTBROOK 390A, WETHERBY 406B, WHITAKER 423A, WHITE 418B, WHITESIDE 406B-407A-408A-410A- 417A-417B-418B, WHITTED 404B-424B-427B, WILEY 412B-416A-419A, WILLIAMS 389A-404A-416B-423B, WOOD 405A-405B-422A, WORKMAN 403A-403B, WORLEY 413A, WRIGHT 417B, WYRICK 402B-406A

YOUNG 419A-428B

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