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Lookin for any information on the ancestors of Tom Riggins he was born in 1898 and died in 1969. His fathers name was Charlie and he had bros named Sam, Will, John, and Jesse. and sisters named Susie and Carrie. Any help appreciated. email me at Thanks for you help
Nancy -- PO Box 277, Ardmore, TN 38449
Submitted on Thu Apr 17 21:17:45 CDT 2008


I am looking for information on My Great Grandfather Levander Williams and his Father John Johnny Williams.
Felicia Austin
Submitted on Sun Apr 13 13:26:29 CDT 2008


Jonas fought when he was 40 years old. He was possibly in the 7th Battalion at Kings Mountain. He may have been an officer but I not sure. Do you have any information about Jonas Bailey from Marion Co. South Carolina. Thank you for your help. Mike
Mike Bailey
Submitted on Thu Apr 10 10:15:13 CDT 2008


I am looking for info on James J Wright b Oct 23, 1845 d April 7, 1909. His parents were: Lorenzo D. Wright and Elizabeth Lucinda Hill. Lorenzo and Lucinda were married in Lawrence Co Tn on May 12, 1831. James J Wright's wife was Mary Jane Aylor. James J's grandparents were: Perrien Wright, Sr and Mary Ann Horton. Deborah e-mail
Deborah Miles
Submitted on Fri Apr 4 23:22:06 CDT 2008


Annie Dickey, said to have been the 1st wife of Aaron Lindsey Prier of Giles Co. or Lawrence Co., TN. A collection of family history says she gave birth & died shortly thereafter. DOES ANYONE HAVE INFO. ON THIS ANNIE DICKEY? Trish Smith/Gallatin, TN
Trish Smith -- 435 Calvert Dr.; Gallatin, TN, Gallatin, TN 37066
Submitted on Sun Mar 30 09:03:52 CDT 2008


Can someone tell me about Wayland Springs area?Where is it located and what was going on there in the 1800's occupations etc.My great grandmother and her father Alonzo RICHARDSON lived there for awhile.My great grandmother was Clora Elizabeth RICHARDSON married Mack BROWN.
Tina Luedeke
Submitted on Wed Mar 26 22:33:37 CDT 2008


I am looking for info on Andrew J. Thomas, b. 1846, d. 1927 in Lawrence Co Tn. He married Lucy J.(maiden name unknown). Their children were: R. J. Thomas, Mary Etta Thomas, G.W. Thomas, H. N. Thomas, Tessie Thomas(married W.E. Clayton)-my grandmother., and S.O. Thomas. Deborah
Deborah Miles
Submitted on Sat Mar 22 14:57:10 CDT 2008


I am looking for information on James Monroe RAY, his wife Mary E. (PIGG)RAY. James Monroe RAY died July 16, 1915 in Lawrence County, Mary E. (PIGG) RAY died in 1900-1902 and they are probably buried somewhere in Lawrence County. They married in 1888, and had 2 daughters Dora J.RAY b.1892 and Effie E. RAY b. 1894. Any information will be greatly appreciated!
J. Stephenson
Submitted on Fri Mar 21 17:17:04 CDT 2008


I am looking for old photos of Laural Hill in the 1800 or early 1900s if any would have any would you please contact me . Would love to see them.
Submitted on Thu Mar 20 13:28:18 CDT 2008


Researching HODGE family history. Robert William Hodge - B around Lawrenceburg, TN area, (I was told Galespie County, but cannot find it) Married- May Alderson. Son - Robert Allen Hodge - Born New Aliceson, OK Bryan County Married - Mary - Sons- Robert Gene Hodge, Robert Donald Hodge. Daughter - Barbara Hodge Bell
Donna Hodge Carter
Submitted on Sun Mar 16 01:20:42 CDT 2008


I am looking for info on Perrin Wright, Sr b.1784 d. 1851, Perrin Wright, jr, Lorenzo D Wright b. 1811 d unknown, and James J. Wright b. 1845 d. 1909. They all lived in the Lawrence Co area at some time.
debra miles
Submitted on Sat Mar 15 22:20:30 CDT 2008


I am looking for Cosbi, Fountain, and Newton SCOTT. Cosbi father, Fountain and Newton his sons. Fountain was a Deputy Sherriff in Lawranceburg. Fountain was in the Southern Army Biggles Regiment, Groves Co. and Forest's Brigade. He was Captain of Calvary and served entire war. HIs wife was a GRIFFIN. Newtons wife, BRYANT and Cosbi's PICKENS. They were in Lawarance and Maury County.
Tami Scott Simmons
Submitted on Fri Mar 14 07:40:01 CDT 2008


Alexander Franklin James born Clay County, Mo. Jan. 10, 1843 Jesse Woodson James born Clay County, Mo. Sept. 5, 1847 according to family Bible of their Mother. Tombstone in the Source Historical and Adventure has: Frank James Sr. born Feb. 6, 1836
Jere R. Cox
Submitted on Thu Mar 13 14:31:44 CDT 2008


My Mistake! William Addison Allen is the name I've been looking for; and not William Pirtle Allen. I found him in Maury Co. TN. Not Lawrence.I had made queries on this site using the wrong middle name.
donna carter
Submitted on Wed Mar 12 00:14:43 CDT 2008


I am trying to locate the burial site of my grandfather, Wille Boone BROWN, and his wife, Mattie. I believe it is in Loretto, in a church cemetary. He probably died in the 1960's
Millie BROWN
Submitted on Sun Mar 9 10:21:01 CDT 2008


DOUGLAS, Ellen (maiden name). BARKLEY, Ellen(married name). Born Sept. 18, 1888 in Hamilton County, TX, died August 12, 1919 in Fort Worth, TX but buried in Tennessee, unsure where. Spouse was James Clinton BARKLEY and son's name was James Clinton "Pete" BARKLEY. She died in childbirth in Fort Worth. Parents names were James Prate DOUGLAS and Sarah Ann SCOTT. She had 6 siblings: Jess, Hence, Annie Amanda, Maggie & George.
Cissy Mattingly -- 5913 Beverly Drive West # 1196, Fort Worth, TX 76132
Submitted on Sat Mar 8 19:47:55 CST 2008


samuel m SHAW james j FRENCH
Submitted on Wed Feb 27 19:40:49 CST 2008


Looking for info on the CHARLES B WILLS and family. Born Nov 1856, Iron City,Lawrence,Tn. Looking to fine his father, mother, or any sibling's. He died in Davis,Murray,Oklahoma on 24 Oct 1944.
Don Christy -- 7041 Horsefly Ln, Noble, OK 73068
Submitted on Tue Feb 26 13:52:18 CST 2008


I'm looking for info on Hugh Carothers b: abt 1810, wife Jane b: abt 1815. They lived in Lawrence Co. and had abt 8 children: Martha, John, Dean, Mary, Sam?, Marshall,(buried in Mt. Ararat Cemetery), Thomas,and William. Son John b:1842 married Susan Eugenia Yokley b:1853. Son Dean married Mollie?, and they had several children. Hugh had a brother Samuel.
Charles Jacob -- 1815 Broadway, Little Rock, AR 72206-1222
Submitted on Tue Feb 26 12:03:03 CST 2008


im looking for information on dora m Rutherford, born in tennessee about 1897, she married jas or joseph Hubbs at the age of 16 in tennessee. I believe he was originaly from kentucky. They later migrated to horace, or tribune kansas. I am their grandaughter, They had five living children who were rosetta,john,robert,jack,and blanch. any information on either dora or joseph would be appreciated.
Annie McGraw
Submitted on Sun Feb 24 01:00:25 CST 2008


Looking for family ancestors of my husbands family surname of STIMSON. His father name is Harold Adron Stimson. Some records show a Jr. listed and others dont. Harold is deceased since 1976 and husband knows little of his father. His mother and siblings will not share family information and he wants to know his family roots. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unable to find surname in the 1930s federal or state census. Not sure what county in so i am guessing. Any suggestions. for response. Thank you.
Christine Stimson -- 4915 Gobert Ave NE, KEIZER, OR 97303
Submitted on Sat Feb 23 21:34:21 CST 2008


I am looking for information as to where John. N. Pinyan died and was buried. He was married to Barbara Catherine Tarleton in 1853. He fought in the 51st Tennessee Infantry during the Civil War. He died in 1870 in Lawrence County, we think.
Richard Goforth -- 22606 E. 796 Rd. , Welling, OK 74471
Submitted on Sun Feb 17 17:38:01 CST 2008


Looking for information on ELIZABETH ENGLISH b. 1797 and husband JOHN MCCRACKEN b. ca 1779 d. ca 1865 in Lawrence Co. Tn.
Betty Beeman -- 32242 W. Santa Cruz Ave, Maricopa, AZ 85238
Submitted on Tue Feb 12 18:50:56 CST 2008


I am searching for birth and marriage information for Thomas Andrew SEWELL b. 1813 in Tennessee and Elizabeth A. SARTAIN b. 1817 also in Tennessee. Family records indicate that these two married about 1838 perhaps in Alabama. Their son, William Weir SEWELL was born in 1839 in Alabama.
Christine Bowman
Submitted on Mon Feb 11 13:40:49 CST 2008


I am looking for information on Rebecca Jane Krause born 15 August 1858 somewhere in Tenessee. I think that her parents were Hiram and Mary Caroline but I am not certain of that information. Any help would be appreciated.
Rennie Squier
Submitted on Sun Feb 10 11:33:35 CST 2008


I'm trying to find information on Lasley Odem, who was born 1825, in SC, died in Franklin or Marion Co. AL, and is buried in Mt Nebo Cem. in Lawrence Co., TN. I would be grateful for information on him. Thanks, Nell
Nell Nation
Submitted on Sat Feb 9 17:36:32 CST 2008


Looking for relatives of Louis Spinks Smith b. 1829-1831 Tennessee d. 1891 Bastrop Co., Texas and Mary Catherine Tanner b.1852 d. 1889 Bastrop Co. Texas. Louis Spinks Smith, son of James Smith and Martha Morrison. Louis Spinks (LS)Smith brothers were Leonard and Enoch(EK) (Twins) and Thomas William Smith. Need help...
Violet Jones
Submitted on Sat Feb 9 04:53:11 CST 2008


I am looking for early ancestors of Thomas Jefferson Glass. His wife was Piety Ann Barnett
Submitted on Wed Feb 6 22:36:36 CST 2008

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