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Nankipoo High School
Senior Class, 1937

Nankipoo High School, Senior Class 1937

Top row, Left to Right:
Cleve Boy Morris (President) and Ellie Harrell (Vice President)

2nd row from top, Left to Right:
Lois Cates and Addie Maie Morris (Sec. and Treas.)

3rd row from top, Left to Right:
C. E. Young, Eddie Maie Weaver, Mrs. S. O. Price (English), Mrs. E. M. Brown (Principal),
S. O. Price (Sience), Mrs. S. H. Steelman (History), Robert Smith

Bottom row, Left to Right:
Jewel Rhoads, Irvin Haynes, Erlin Haynes, Gladys Rhoads,
Mary Helen Duvall, Birtus Smith, Anna Mary Gamble

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Note: Birtus Smith (son of Andrew Sheril Smith and Julia Alice Cates)
was the uncle of Susan Adams (submitter of the photo)

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