Marriages, Lauderdale County TN 1851-1875
for surnames starting with "T, U, and V"

Each marriage is listed twice to get each bride and groom listed alphabetically.
TADLOCK, Mary E. married RICKS, Robert F. on 13-Dec-1864
TALBOT, William W. married HIPP, Rosanna on 5-Dec-1852
TALLEY, William F. married YOUNG, Ellen D. on 18-Mar-1857
TALLY, Martha V. married RICE, Frank T. on 9-Nov-1865
TALLY, Mattie P. married CURRIE, Newton on 8-Aug-1866
TANNER, Ann (Mrs) married MANN, Austin on 22-Oct-1867
TANNER, N. H. married GOLDING, Eliza on 24-Oct-1851
TANNER, Samuel married BYRN, Mary Jane on 18-Dec-1873
TANSIL, Nancy (Mrs) married LAYNE, William T. on 25-Dec-1874
TAPPSCOTT, Lucy married MACLIN, Charley on 27-Feb-1873
TATUM, Adalin married POWEL, Grant on 7-Sep-1870
TATUM, Bita married MERRIWETHER, Synan on 11-Jan-1873
TATUM, David married PILLOW, Tennessee on 26-Dec-1872
TATUM, George married WARD, Rhoda E. on 6-Aug-1857
TATUM, Lurana married RICE, Thomas on 9-Jun-1867
TATUM, Samuel G. married STRAIN, Mary Ann on 14-Sep-1854
TATUM, Samuel G. married CAMPBELL, Edith on 19-Aug-1859
TAYLOR, Agnes C. married WALPOLE, J. R. on 29-Mar-1865
TAYLOR, Bevley married WESTBROOK, Mary on 9-Mar-1870
TAYLOR, C. M. married JONES, Francis M. on 15-Mar-1865
TAYLOR, Charley married COBB, Nanie on 24-Mar-1875
TAYLOR, Demarias married WILSON, John B. on 9-Oct-1868
TAYLOR, Demeris married LUNSFORD, L. J. on 2-May-1869
TAYLOR, Duencia married EVINS, Ned on 20-May-1870
TAYLOR, Duncan E. married NIXON, Selesta on 5-Sep-1856
TAYLOR, Henry M. married CARTER, Mary F. on 9-Feb-1869
TAYLOR, James T. married McBROOM, Meoma S. on 7-Aug-1867
TAYLOR, John married MORGAN, Martha on 28-Dec-1872
TAYLOR, Luousia married YOUNG, John on 26-Feb-1872
TAYLOR, Margaret married WALPOLE, James on 24-Dec-1865
TAYLOR, Martha E. married YOUNG, T. T. on 4-Aug-1856
TAYLOR, Martha S. married MITCHEL, D. W. on 9-Mar-1869
TAYLOR, Mary E. married FORTNER, Joseph E. on 13-Oct-1853
TAYLOR, Nancy married BRANDON, W. M. on 18-Apr-1867
TAYLOR, Nancy A. married LOVLESS, George on 22-Jun-1853
TAYLOR, Nelson married SUMEROW, Ann on 17-Feb-1869
TAYLOR, Reuben married WRIGHT, Amanda on 11-Oct-1868
TAYLOR, Reuben married SLATER, Penney L. on 26-Jul-1864
TAYLOR, Reuben married NEVELS, Malinda J. on 27-Mar-1861
TAYLOR, Robert married CLARK, Tempy on 16-May-1872
TAYLOR, Robert married THOMPSON, Joana on 17-Mar-1870
TAYLOR, Robert married UMPHRIES, Sophia on 8-Mar-1865
TAYLOR, Susan M. married PEPPER, Timothy S. on 10-Dec-1872
TAYLOR, Thomas J. married WALKER, Hannah M. on 8-Jan-1868
TAYLOR, Wyley married MORGAN, Rose on 31-Dec-1873
TAYLORON, Agnus C. married WALPOLE, John R. on 30-Mar-1865
TEMPLE, John S. married GAINS, Mary F. on 16-Dec-1868
TEMPLE, Nancy H. married LOVELANCE, Joseph on 26-May-1857
TEMPLE, Sarah E. married DIAL, John A. on 3-Mar-1855
TEMPLETON, J. S. married LUNSFORD, Rebecca on 30-Sep-1863
TEMPLEY, Mary Ann married ABLES, William on 10-Feb-1869
THOMAS, Henry married ADISON, Emily on 6-Feb-1867
THOMAS, John F. married FURGERSON, Phebe A. on 16-Jul-1867
THOMAS, Margaret married HENDERSON, Scott on 29-Oct-1874
THOMAS, Martha A. married PREVITT, William on 16-Jul-1855
THOMAS, Mary A. married WOODARD, Lewis H. on 4-Sep-1855
THOMAS, Mathew married ROBERSON, Rebecca on 30-Sep-1863
THOMAS, Moses married DEASON, Caroline on 7-Dec-1869
THOMAS, Nathan married TURNER, Bettie on 6-Aug-1867
THOMAS, William married RICHARDSON, Bettie on 11-Apr-1869
THOMAS, William A. married BRIM, Rebecca L. on 6-Jun-1867
THOMPKINS, Lewis married PRICE, Lucinda on 29-Dec-1872
THOMPSON, A. W. married MULLINS, Mary J. on 16-Oct-1855
THOMPSON, Adda married YOUNG, George on 13-Feb-1871
THOMPSON, Allen married TURNER, Sallie on 3-Jan-1872
THOMPSON, Benjamin married HALLIBURTON, Mary on 22-Sep-1870
THOMPSON, Bettie married McPHERSON, Samuel on 15-Dec-1875
THOMPSON, E. F. married MILLER, J. W. on 21-Jul-1874
THOMPSON, Edmny married WARE, Lewis on 5-Oct-1868
THOMPSON, George married WOOD, Rachel on 20-Jan-1869
THOMPSON, George married HOWELL, Sallie on 31-Jan-1866
THOMPSON, Harriet married BAKER, John on 1-Jun-1867
THOMPSON, J. H. married FERGASON, Elizabeth on 20-Jan-1857
THOMPSON, J. W. married STEWART, Rebecca A. on 30-Dec-1869
THOMPSON, Jake married WILLSON, Lucinda A. on 11-Oct-1867
THOMPSON, James M. married CHAMBERS, Mollie F. on 19-Dec-1869
THOMPSON, Joana married TAYLOR, Robert on 17-Mar-1870
THOMPSON, L. N. married McIVER, Mary E. on 25-Feb-1874
THOMPSON, Lon O. married RUDH, Bolinda F. on 13-Jul-1870
THOMPSON, Louisa Augusta married GIDCOMB, James Willis on 14-Jul-1870
THOMPSON, Maria L. married LUNDSFORD, Green C. on 16-Jan-1866
THOMPSON, Martha Ann married SMITH, William M. on 21-Feb-1866
THOMPSON, Mary married JARRETT, J. W. on 21-Feb-1871
THOMPSON, Mary E. married SEARCY, Thomas on 1-Jan-1873
THOMPSON, Mary F. married SAMUELS, J. A. on 9-Dec-1874
THOMPSON, Mira married GOFOTH, James C. on 20-Apr-1860
THOMPSON, Phil married PERSON, Amona on 31-Jan-1873
THOMPSON, Ruff married WARDLAW, Ema on 3-Dec-1874
THOMPSON, Tabitha A. married HALIBURTON, Paul M. on 28-Oct-1857
THOMPSON, Thomas D. married WILLIAMS, Fannie A. on 17-Jan-1865
THOMPSON, Virginia married BLACKWELL, Andrew on 12-Aug-1875
THOMSON, Isuah married WOOD, Rachal on 18-Nov-1871
THORNTON, Henrietta married MARLEY, Francis on 27-Nov-1860
THORNTON, James B. married THORNTON, Susan S. on 8-May-1854
THORNTON, Lee married LAKE, Hannah J. on 15-May-1869
THORNTON, Martha married CALLAS, Aaron on 21-Dec-1871
THORNTON, Susan S. married THORNTON, James B. on 8-May-1854
THUM, David G. married WARDLAW, Mary Ann on 21-Dec-1853
THUM, Eliza J. married BARFIELD, Ira G. on 22-Jan-1851
THUM, G. W. married JENKINS, Nettie A. on 26-Nov-1873
THUM, John G. married BARFIELD, Sarah Francis on 21-Dec-1870
THUM, Mary E. married LANKFORD, Peter L. on 13-Dec-1865
THUM, Sallie A. married ALSTON, Willie E. on 19-Feb-1861
THUM, Susan E. married JACOBS, Rufus P. on 7-Mar-1866
THURMON, James A. married MOORE, Martha E. on 21-Mar-1867
THURMOND, Amanda J. married CHAMBERS, George W. on 4-Nov-1874
THURMOND, Andrew married FISHER, Mary Ann on 13-Apr-1867
THURMOND, F. C. married METER, Daniel J. on 13-Aug-1874
THURMOND, Frances A. married CHAMBERS, R. F. on 13-May-1868
THURMOND, James L. married MOORE, Sarah L. on 22-Jul-1856
THURMOND, John L. married SAWYER, Elizabeth on 4-Feb-1867
THURMOND, Luiza F. married MOORE, David A. on 16-May-1863
THURMOND, O. L. married VALE, Sarah Jane E. on 10-Mar-1868
THURMOND, Sarah C. married CRAWFORD, John S. on 28-May-1863
THURMOND, Sarah Caroline married FORD, David on 6-Jul-1859
THURMOND, Sarah L. married LONG, N. P. on 27-Jan-1866
THURMOND, William A. married NEW, Elza on 1-Mar-1866
TILLERY, A. F. married WRIGHT, Bettie P. on 23-Dec-1866
TILLMAN, Lucy A. married BYLER, Thomas H. on 16-Mar-1869
TILLMAN, Thomas J. married McBOMER, Allice on 7-Aug-1872
TILMAN, Sarah P. married BUTLER, William D. on 13-Oct-1868
TIMMONS, John married GOAN, Louisa on 19-Jan-1874
TINSLAY, W. D. married CURTIS, Lucinda Jane on 20-Mar-1873
TITUS, David married HALFACRE, Mary on 15-Jun-1872
TODD, Sabrina married WEST, M. G. on 1-Sep-1874
TODDY, Mary C. E. married LATHAM, Amos on 2-Dec-1861
TOLBERT, Rosanah H. married CAMPBELL, James Mchenry on 2-Dec-1864
TOM, Dock married ---, Jane on 31-Jan-1873
TOMLINSON, Martha F. married FERGUSON, George M. on 24-Dec-1867
TOMLINSON, Quince married PORTER, Eliza Jane on 3-Jan-1872
TOMLINSON, William married HUCKABEE, Frances on 26-Jul-1860
TOMPKINS, Socrates married GILLILAND, Mary on 10-Jan-1872
TOTTY, Arthur married LUNSFORD, Mary C. on 20-Mar-1855
TOWNSEND, Rice married GREEN, Samuel on 15-Jun-1872
TRAINAM, William married DENTON, Virginia on 10-Feb-1859
TRAINHAM, John married BURKS, Mary on 24-Dec-1866
TUCKER, Alexander R. married FIELDS, Susan on 6-Apr-1858
TUCKER, Edmond married WHITE, Sophronia A. on 10-Apr-1874
TUCKER, Frances married JOHNSON, Robert J. on 29-Dec-1852
TUCKER, Gratten married HALLIBURTON, Fannie on 19-Feb-1873
TUCKER, Harriet married FULKERSON, James R. on 5-Aug-1852
TUCKER, Harriet F. married McDEARMEN, W. E. on 15-Jul-1869
TUCKER, Mareau J. married ROGERS, Mary Jane on 3-Jan-1866
TUCKER, Mariah C. married STRAIN, Robert on 27-Jan-1859
TUCKER, Mirah J. married HAFFORD, John D. on 17-Nov-1868
TUCKER, Robert A. married COX, Nancy C. on 22-Mar-1875
TUCKER, Virginia married ---, J. F. on 5-Jan-1870
TUCKER, William married WATKINS, Annie on 26-Feb-1873
TULL, E. C. married MAXFIELD, S. F. on 5-May-1875
TULL, Mahala married KING, John M. on 19-Jan-1874
TULL, Maranda A. married KENNEDY, William on 18-Mar-1875
TURNER, Anna married BAKER, John on 22-Dec-1869
TURNER, Becca married GRAVES, Stephen on 30-Dec-1874
TURNER, Benjamin married GOLDING, Eliza on 29-May-1853
TURNER, Bettie married THOMAS, Nathan on 6-Aug-1867
TURNER, Eliza married MILLER, J. T. on 24-Aug-1869
TURNER, Ellen married WINROW, Philip on 7-Feb-1874
TURNER, Fanny married BROWN, Charles on 10-Jun-1869
TURNER, Harden J. married BRADEN, Margaret O. on 23-Aug-1863
TURNER, Harriet N. married FISHER, Armstead H. on 15-Dec-1857
TURNER, Hester Ann married FITZPATRICK, Harrison L. on 13-Dec-1871
TURNER, Irvin L. married BROWN, L. M. on 28-Jan-1874
TURNER, Jane married PEWIT, Andrew Jackson on 4-Nov-1856
TURNER, Laura A. married DRUMWRIGHT, W. T. on 9-Dec-1874
TURNER, Lou married HUGHES, William on 23-Dec-1868
TURNER, Margaret J. married MILLER, Charles F. on 6-May-1873
TURNER, Mariah married SIMS, Berry on 31-Jan-1872
TURNER, Martha married DEMOSS, William on 13-Aug-1875
TURNER, Martha married STRICKLAND, E. P. on 24-May-1854
TURNER, Martha married PURTY, Tom on 8-Feb-1868
TURNER, Mary married GROGHAN, F. M. on 5-Jul-1874
TURNER, Peggy married CLAY, Henry on 31-Jan-1872
TURNER, Sallie married THOMPSON, Allen on 3-Jan-1872
TURNER, Scott married LUNSFORD, Rachel M. on 25-Dec-1868
TURNER, Thomas J. married PITTMAN, Mary P. on 6-Dec-1860
TURNER, Vinis married SMITH, Martha A. (Mrs) on 15-Jul-1873
TURNER, William married GARNETT, Cassandera on 29-Jun-1852
TYTUS, Henry married JENNINGS, Catherine on 13-Jun-1868
TYUS, Haskin married PILLY, Louisa on 26-Jan-1875
TYUS, Taylor married MARLEY, Chaney on 19-Dec-1872
UMPHRIES, Sophia married TAYLOR, Robert on 8-Mar-1865
UNDERWOOD, Edward married REYNOLDS, Malinda C. on 23-Dec-1868
UTLEY, Columbus married ESTUS, Sarah on 23-Dec-1873
VADEN, R. W. married GAINES, Eugenia E. on 1-Dec-1868
VAIDEN, Matilda E. married MOORE, George E. on 3-Jan-1871
VAIL, R. M. married MOORE, M. E. on 26-Oct-1871
VALE, Martha W. married PEWETT, J. on 24-May-1860
VALE, Sarah Jane E. married THURMOND, O. L. on 10-Mar-1868
VANBIBER, Ellen married RUSH, William W. on 27-Dec-1857
VANDERBILT, Mark married JORDAN, Amanda on 15-Nov-1854
VANDYGRAFF, Jane married BYRUM, Thomas on 13-Mar-1869
VAUGHAN, James married RAYNOR, Selia on 2-Aug-1868
VAUGHAN, Martha married HOWARD, Joseph on 23-Feb-1868
VAUGHAN, Mary married HOWARD, Collumbus on 8-Feb-1869
VAUGHAN, Norciss married GRIFFETH, Jessee on 12-Nov-1868
VAUGHN, Ella C. married MOORE, James Thomas on 12-Jul-1874
VERNON, Martha A. married HUTCHERSON, W. J. on 22-Nov-1875
VERNON, Nancy J. married ROGERS, A. J. on 9-Mar-1869
VINSON, Monroe married SMITH, Lucinda on 15-Feb-1871
VOSS, Emily married HUTCHESON, A. J. on 9-Jan-1868
VOSS, J. T. married FISHER, Ann E. on 28-Aug-1857
VOSS, John married SMITH, Sarah on 22-Aug-1853
VOSS, John married HUES, Cally on 2-Dec-1874
VOSS, John T. married OLDS, Nancy E. on 6-Feb-1866
VOSS, Joseph married CHRISMUS, Sarah Jane on 17-Apr-1862
VOSS, P. G. married SCALLIONS, Louisa on 9-Oct-1873
VOSS, S. E. married PENNINGTON, G. W. on 5-Dec-1875
VOSS, Sarah C. married JOHNSON, Thomas M. on 23-Dec-1862
VOSS, Sarah E. married HOOKER, R. J. on 10-Mar-1863
VOSS, Susan married PEWETT, Washington on 7-Sep-1859
VOSS, Wilie married RAINEY, Emily on 28-Jul-1858
VOSS, William J. married WALPOLE, Sarah C. on 19-Mar-1861
VOSS, Zilmon married PEWETT, Nancy on 8-Feb-1855
VOWEL, Nellie married CHALK, John W. on 9-Jun-1872
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